Title: Contact Center Automation: How Customer Service RPA is Shaping the Industry
Webinar Replay
With Guest Speaker: Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Join Jacada and guest speaker, Craig Le Clair of Forrester Research, for a webinar replay analyzing industry trends, challenges and proven solutions in contact center automation. Specific case studies will be shared to demonstrate how leading contact centers are already driving substantial value from automation.

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Craig Le Clair of Forrester Research discussed robust contact center automation as it helps agents efficiently deliver effortless customer experiences.

Key Discussion Points:
  • Insights from Forrester on Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Attended vs Unattended Automation
  • How to leverage RPA to intelligently assist agents
  • 5 contact center automation case studies with high ROI
  • Best practices for a successful automation deployment in the contact center

Contact Centers are not the typical "low hanging fruits" for enterprise automation, often characterized by high diversity and high complexity – both known automation killers. However, new technologies are changing this, making Customer Service Robotic Process Automation (Customer Service RPA) a viable option.

Customer Service RPA delivers automation into the contact center, helping agents and bots provide improved customer service.

  • Hybrid automation does not try to replace agents. Rather, hybrid automation enhances their capability.
  • Chatbots and NLP engines help cover standard scenarios, freeing agents to do work where they are most needed
  • Low code platforms with Building-Blocks architecture help business users build and reuse automation blocks – increasing ROI!


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Craig Le Clair
Vice President
Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals
Forrester Research

Adi Toppol
Vice President Professional Services