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Customer Assistant, Contextual Transfer to the Agent and the Jacada Interaction Designer

A customer books and adjusts travel plans while utilizing Jacada solutions

Featured Solutions:

Mobile Experience, Collaboration with the Agent & Customer Assistant

A customer checks their cellular billing details, engages with a customer assistant, follows troubleshooting guidance and collaborates with an agent

Featured Solutions:

Customer Assistant, Agent Assistant & Automation with Customer Service RPA

A customer disputes an unusually high bill with an automated Customer Assistant Chatbot, an agent engages with an Agent Assistant Chatbot and Customer Service Robotic Process Automation fulfils processes in the background.

Featured Solutions:

Proactive Outreach, Customer Assistant, Seamless Escalation & Interaction Designer

Unexpected bad weather can cause havoc on travel plans. Fortunately, this customer can rest assured that Jacada Solutions have him covered

Featured Solutions:

Before and After Jacada Solutions in a Real World Insurance Case Study

This is a long one but it’s worth it! See how a real-world insurance inquiry would take place before and after Jacada Solutions are implemented

Featured Solutions:

Mobile Customer Assistant Option to Pivot Call

Provide your customers with the option to pivot a call to a personalized mobile digital experience

Featured Solutions:

Customer Assistant on the Web

See an example of how a customer can engage with a Chatbot that has been applied to your website

Featured Solutions:

A Demonstration of Jacada Visual IVR

A customer is interested in enrolling in autopay and utilizes a Chatbot to help with the process

Featured Solutions:

Personalized Mobile Experience, Customer Assistant, Seamless Escalation to Assisted Service

Digital engagement on the voice channel. Customer views billing details, engages with a Chatbot and connects/collaborates with a live agent

Featured Solutions:

Customer Service Robotic Process Automation (CS RPA) Explainer Video

An explanation of Robotic Process Automation for Customer Service

Featured Solutions:

Unified Agent Desktop Explainer Video

See how a unified workspace for a call center agent can help improve and streamline the service provided

Featured Solution:

Customer Assistant Explainer Video

What is a customer assistant? Learn more by watching this explainer video.

Featured Solution:

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