white papers 6reasonsThe Top Six Reasons to Simplify the Customer Service Desktop
This white paper discusses the importance of simplifying and unifying the customer service desktop.  A unified desktop solution will enable agents to deliver the service that fits the call and suits your business instead of letting the system design drive your business.
white papers how to visualizeHow to Visualize your Customer Service and IVR Experience
Giving customers direct and continuous access to a visual IVR without having to dial into the call center, listen to endless options and wait on the line, is a win-win solution, generating immediate results for the customer and business.
white papers visual IVRWhite Paper: Visual IVR - A “Next Generation” Win-Win Solution for Customers and Organizations
The rapid and ubiquitous uptake of smartphone technology will drive a successful uptake of Visual IVR: over half of calls handled by US contact centers are from cellphones, and more than two-thirds of US cellphone users have a smartphone. With it being far quicker to read text than to listen to it being spoken - some studies show that a caller can navigate a Visual IVR menu five or six times faster than a DTMF IVR menu - the customer experience is improved without sacrificing functionality or options.