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Autonomous CX

Customer Service Automation for Public Utility

Our solutions allow you to reduce your inbound contact volume through our Intelligent Self-Service capabilities, as well as provide more efficient customer service in your call center

How can I improve the customer experience at my utility company?

Improve Customer Self-Service

Decision Guide for Intelligent Self-Service: Public Utility

This guide aims to help with formulating your self-service plan and to understand the state of the industry, navigate pitfalls and show how to roll out self-service projects while also minimizing risk.

Improve Agent Engagement

Decision Guide for Intelligent Contact Center Agent Engagement: Public Utility

This guide aims to simplify the confusing agent engagement landscape, navigate pitfalls and show how to roll out assisted-service projects, while also minimizing risk.


Increase Self Service

Reduce Call Volume

Automate Processes

Improve Satisfaction

24/7 Support

Use Cases

Examples of Public Utility contact types ripe for automation

Report an Outage


High Bill Inquiry

Budget Billing

Fixed/Variable Rate Plans


Payment Arrangements

Find Payment Location

Upsell Offers

Take a Meter Reading

Service Appointments

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