Why Should I Care?

Remember when websites started taking credit card payments? Remember people saying “I would never put my credit card information into some form on the world wide web!” Or how about the first time you heard of someone planning and booking an entire vacation on-line? Or the first time you heard of someone buying a car … on eBay!?

We’ve come a long way, and in a very short amount of time.

So, how is your call center doing? Probably shrunk by 50%, right? Yeah, not so much. Why not? If you can buy a car or book a vacation on-line, why can’t you change your billing address or add a driver to your insurance policy? The point is – you can, and you should.

Jacada Transactional Self-Service

Increasing Call Volumes

While many companies have deployed basic self-service capabilities on their website most organizations have not made a dent in the increasing call volumes. And there are many reasons why. Mobile app adoption in most industries is pathetically low, the services available on the company’s web site are confusing or limited, and traditional IVR is inherently limited in what can be done, either with speech or by pushing 12 buttons.

Jacada Interact

With Jacada Interact you can quickly and easily build transactional self-service capabilities and make them available on any channel. Jacada Interact is a single, powerful, business-friendly platform that easily delivers engaging self-service interactions across any channel. Build once, serve anywhere! And with 25 years of application integration experience, connecting your new self-service application to a transactional business application is a snap, enabling true transactional self-service from any device type. You can even pivot a voice caller to a digital self-service engagement on their smartphone where the interaction possibilities are limitless.

Customer Experience

And you will deliver a consistent customer experience – from web to mobile, even to voice! If the customer simply cannot complete the transaction on their own and needs to speak to an agent, your agents will have access to the same guided flows and have all of the context of the customer’s interaction. A seamless experience for your customers and a significant impact to your bottom line.

Customers want to self-serve, so let them. Jacada Interact – build once, serve anywhere.