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Jacada Robotic Desktop Automation

If Robotic Process Automation is considered to replace employees, Robotic Desktop Automation is there to assist employees. Working side-by-side with their human counterparts, desktop bots monitor user interaction and jump in when needed. Tedious and lengthy navigation sequences, automatic data entry and excessive mouse clicks are all performed by the bot, letting the employee focus on solving the task at hand. We like to call it People Optimization.

robotic desktop automation

What kind of results can you expect

AHT Reduction

Fewer Screens

Less Clicks

It isn’t just about efficiency...

Sure, efficiency drives hard ROI and makes the CFO happy, and robotic desktop automation excels in that department. But desktop bots are also great at assisting employees by providing guidance, next-best-action and compliance monitoring. This ensures that all employees are “firing on all cylinders”, adopting best practices and keeping your organization out of hot water.

Assisted Automation - “Human+Bot”

Automating the desktop in assisted mode poses unique technical challenges not found in back office robotic process automation. Background and Foreground automation, pause-and-resume, event monitoring, monitoring user behavior, non-linear automation, desktop analytics, all with a minimal footprint … all key requirements to successfully automate desktops in a “human+bot” manner.

Jacada has been automating desktops for over 20 years. Let us bring our experience to your project.

We’ve got you covered!

Just like humans work with multiple application types, our bots are no different. Like their human counterparts, bots work with your applications without needing access to source code, doesn’t need an API and won’t require any modification to your existing desktop applications. With 20 years of experience we’ve automated every technology out there. Rest assured we can automate your environment.

Tools developers love

No proprietary environments here. Utilizing open standard Visual Studio and C# code generation, you can get past the cute “calc automation” demos and do real enterprise automation. Because we utilize c# your developers can be immediately productive … and powerful. Our BPM engine and graphical designer are also included to drive further maintainability for complex automations. From the most simple macro based automation to the most powerful web services orchestration and automation, Jacada desktop automation handles it all.

We do things the other guys can’t

Whether it’s doing desktop automation, server automation or even Citrix automation (with no install requirement!), our product has been in the market for over 20 years and boasts capabilities the other guys can only dream about.