Jacada Workflow

Taming Process Complexity

Processes need to be managed. Doing so dramatically improves how work gets done. Jacada WorkFlow allows you to manage your short and long running process, bridging the gap between front office and back office, all within one unified platform.

Jacada WorkFlow enables sophisticated visual orchestration of processes based on open BPMN and BPEL standards, allowing you to quickly bring case management and task management capabilities to both front and back office workers, ensuring your customer inquiries are responded to in a timely manner.

Using an intuitive visual designer, processes are mapped out quickly and easily. In fact, the entire workflow development Fotolia 9521967 Subscription XLcycle happens in a single package, from modeling your process, simulating its behavior, creating unit tests to versioning and deployment. Now you can respond rapidly to changing business requirements by seamlessly integrating people, processes and systems, all the while ensuring a robust and easily maintainable system.

Its powerful case management capabilities helps your agents hand-off customer inquiries to the back office and ensures that your customers are responded to when their issue has been resolved. Never let a customer inquiry fall between the cracks again!

Jacada Workflow supports BPEL 2.0, BPEL4People and BPMN 2.0 and is fully integrated into the WorkSpace suite