Why Should I Care?

Your customers don’t always know what they are looking for when they reach your site. If you present them with options that may not be relevant to their immediate need, you run the risk of losing their business. You need a way to personalize the shopping experience to ensure your customers see what is most relevant and engaging.

Start with a Conversation

Start the online shopping experience with a conversation, just as you would in a brick and mortar setting. Learn the motivating factors for their visit and tailor the message and content to what they are seeking.

Prevent Abandonment

Jacada Product Guidance is your digital sales associate that is capable of personalizing the shopping experience and guiding the customer to the option that best fits their need. Prevent shoppers from abandoning the purchase simply because they were not able to find what they were seeking.

Jacada Product Guidance

Digital Sales Associate

Our Product Guidance solution will provide you with a digital sales associate capable of personalizing the online shopping experience for your digital customers. Agent guidance helps personalize the online shopping experience so that your shoppers can find the goods and services that best fit their needs.

Integrated Digital Customer Experience

The Jacada Product Guidance solution is the only solution of its kind to be included as part of an integrated digital customer experience. Jacada offers customer service solutions that span all service channels including web self-service, contact center agent automation, and digital enablement offerings. Jacada Interact is at the center of it all, providing a powerful and easy to use interaction, UI and integration platform for creating engaging customer experiences across any channel and device type.

Shopping Journey

By providing the ability to effortlessly channel pivot from self-service to assisted service (and vice versa), you can rest assured that your digital customers are adequately supported and guided in their shopping journey so that they are confident and happy in making the decision to purchase from you.

What is the Offering?

A Personalized Experience for your Shoppers

Digitally engage your customer’s to identify their characteristics and intent. Armed with that information you can put forward the right digital content which will most efficiently personalize their online shopping experience.

Purchase Confidence for your Customers

Instill confidence in your customer’s decision to do business with you. Be confident that they can find the product or service that best fit their needs.

Reduce Abandoning Shoppers

Shoppers leave before buying for all sorts of reasons – competitive pricing, complicated processes, website issues among others. Ensure that your customers are not leaving because they couldn’t find the content they were seeking. Start the journey by delivering a hyper-personalized experience that is tailored to the buyers’ present needs.

Collaboration When it is Needed

If the customer still needs to speak with a representative following their digital journey, Jacada provides seamless connectivity and contextual transfer ensuring a consistent and personalized customer experience regardless of the channel they choose.