Why Should I Care?

It’s been said that the future of customer service is no service – meaning that organizations should anticipate a customer’s needs before the customer calls.

Inbound Customer Traffic

Businesses today operate in a highly competitive marketplace where consumers are always a few clicks away from purchasing their competitor’s products or services…or leaving you before giving you a chance to salvage the relationship. Organizations that rely largely on inbound customer traffic often forfeit their opportunity to compete for new customer business or avoid churn. Proactively reaching out to your customers not only ensures you keep up with your competition, it’s also what your customers have come to expect.

Outbound Engagement

Many organizations today have embraced proactive outbound engagement as a more effective way of interacting with their customers. Companies that are able to proactively anticipate customer needs can benefit from higher customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and lasting customer relationships that are profitable.

Jacada Outbound Engagement

Outbound Simplicity

Jacada’s Outbound Engagement solution makes it simple for organizations to implement a comprehensive outbound engagement strategy. Utilize all existing communication channels to proactively connect with your customers on their preferred channel or the channel that is most convenient at the time.

Integrated Digital Customer Experience

The Jacada Outbound Engagement solution is the only outbound engagement solution that is part of an integrated digital customer experience solution that spans all channels and includes web self-service, contact center agent automation and digital-enablement offerings. This comprehensive suite of digital customer experience solutions are powered by Jacada Interact, a powerful and easy to use interaction, UI and integration platform for creating engaging customer experiences across any channel and device type.

Proactive Communication

Jacada Outbound Engagement allows organizations to proactively communicate with their customers, regardless of the channel, to improve customer satisfaction and promote valuable long term customer relationships.

Omnichannel Outbound Engagement

Leverage the channel that best fits the situation to proactively connect with your customers. Send alerts, notifications, confirmations, reminders, and/or surveys to customers. When you can manage customer expectations, resolve issues, and keep them informed, you can reduce the volume of inbound calls.

Collaboration on Demand

If the customer would like to connect with a representative following their digital journey, Jacada provides seamless connectivity and contextual transfer ensuring a consistent and personalized customer experience regardless of the channel they choose.

Cost Saving Outbound Notifications

With the ability to proactively send alerts, notifications, confirmations, reminders, and/or surveys to customers – you can effectively reduce the volume of inbound traffic that is costly at scale for customer service representatives to manage.

Self-Service & Agent Assistance

Through the Jacada Interaction Designer anyone in your organization has the ability to design self-service flows for those tasks that can be automated (bill payments, appointment reminders, order confirmations, outage notifications to name a few). We also provide the ability for your customers to seamlessly connect to assisted service when needed utilizing our assisted service solutions.

See Jacada Outbound Engagement in Action

Event based outbound engagement has proven highly beneficial for both the business and the customer. The customer is contacted through an automated digital self-service channel when needed, effectively preventing the need for the customer to contact the organization.

Outbound Engagement

See how Jacada can assist you in reducing inbound call volume into the customer service contact center by proactively anticipating the needs of the customer. Reduce the cost to serve by providing an exceptional digital experience.