Why Should I Care?

Digital vs. Voice

What is common place in the digital world is problematic on the voice channel: Sharing documents for review, sending the latest brochure or even co-browsing – none of them work well on the phone.

The voice channel can be made far more effective when supplemented with the digital channel.

In addition to enhancing the voice channel, today’s digital customer wants to communicate with organizations in a manner that is similar to the way they engage with friends and family: The familiar “chat room” interface like whatsapp – a chat that can happen at a time and place that is convenient for the customer, without waiting on-hold.

Providing this collaborative capability promotes first contact resolution, decreases average handle time and increase customer satisfaction.

This comprehensive suite of digital customer experience solutions are powered by Jacada Interact, a powerful and easy to use interaction, UI and integration platform for creating engaging customer experiences across any channel and device type.

Jacada Engagement Rooms

Jacada Engagement Rooms allows customer service organizations to benefit from the same level of collaboration that has benefited those in the workplace. Engagement rooms allow customers to interact with your organization at a time that is convenient for them and in a manner they are familiar with (eg. WhatsApp). Engagement rooms can be used to supplement the voice conversation in a digital manner, or to use it as a convenient way for your customer to engage your organization at a time convenient for them.

Improved Customer Experience

Engagement Rooms remain open so a customer can come back at any time to continue the interaction or even start a new interaction. Imagine a voice call finishing with sharing a contract in the engagement room, allowing the customer to talk to their spouse and come back to sign the contract…on their time! This means fewer callbacks and an improved customer experience.

Personalized Spaces

Jacada Engagement Rooms is a means for customers to have personalized spaces for connecting with subject matter experts, digitally exchanging information and ideas in real time, and successfully concluding the inquiry at first contact.

What is the Offering?

Jacada Engagement Rooms is a personalized virtual customer service space for improving the productivity and collaboration between customers and customer service. They can be initiated digitally while on the voice channel to enable digital collaboration while talking, or used by the customer at any time to continue a previous interaction.

Collaboration on Demand

Just as organizations benefit from online virtual meeting rooms, enable the same collaboration between customers and customer service. Benefit from productivity and efficiency in the exchange to increase first contact resolution, decrease handle times and increase customer satisfaction.

Dual Digital & Voice Colloration

Engagement Rooms can be used standalone on your website or in conjunction with a voice call. Agents on the phone can initiate a room in real-time, allowing the customer and the agent to exchange information digitally while conversing on the voice channel!

Long Running Interactions

Engagement Rooms can be set to live long past the voice call or the initial digital interaction. This allows customers to come back at a later time to complete an interaction, avoiding a callback.

Familiar Interface

Engagement Rooms are modelled after the modern chat applications like Whatsapp – an interface familiar to today’s digital generation.

Merge your Digital Assets

Jacada Engagement Rooms lets you merge your existing digital assets into a single convenient point of access for your voice callers. From integrated Jacada Intelligent Assistants to in-app messaging, Virtual Collaboration ensures your customers adopt the digital assets you’ve already invested in.