Driving Digital Adoption with the Industry's first Digital Routing Engine

A refrain we hear all the time from prospects: “Despite investing in [technology X], we still receive hundreds of thousands of calls.”

Does that sound familiar?

It should. Despite the great strides made in Knowledge management, web self-service, virtual agents, FAQs, and speaking avatars the industry is still facing an adoption problem. These channels are only as good as your ability to have customers use them. And it’s not just using them that counts … it’s using them in a manner that will most efficiently and effectively resolve the customer inquiry, and ensuring the path of least friction for your customer to do business with you. And it’s more than just managing customer service calls … driving digital adoption is applicable across the entire customer journey…from acquisition to on-boarding to support.

Moreover, offering multiple channels to customers requires a holistic approach – customers expect an integrated experience. Disparate, disconnected digital channels leads to a fragmented experience. Whether your digital channels come from a single vendor or multiple vendors, it is imperative to provide a consistent customer experience.

Contact Center Firewall

Think of the Jacada platform as a “contact center firewall” – our in-context, real-time “brain” that determines the optimal digital channel to be offered to the customer specific to them, and the problem they’re trying to address, at that moment, all in an effort to prevent an inbound call to your contact center.

Digital Body Language

Utilizing our context store and web beacons, we’re able to determine the appropriate digital channel to offer, or, when to proactively reach out and avoid an inbound inquiry in the first place. Of course, we can also monitor their “digital body language” and know when it may be appropriate to escalate this to an assisted-service channel instead. This means we can put contextual and relevant answers in front of the customer before even displaying a phone number to call.

Digital Experience

The Digital Routing Engine also learns from calls that do make it past the “firewall” into your contact center. Our engine monitors the agent’s interaction and the subsequent outcome, in order to learn from the experience and improve the next digital interaction, thereby constantly improving its mission to lower inbound call volume.

Whether you’re using Jacada’s digital channels or other vendors’ offerings, Jacada’s Digital Routing Engine will bring together all channels into a cohesive integrated experience for your customers, reduce inbound call volume and let you finally get the ROI on your digital investment you were hoping for.

This comprehensive suite of digital customer experience solutions are powered by Jacada Interact, a powerful and easy to use interaction, UI and integration platform for creating engaging customer experiences across any channel and device type.

What is the Offering?

Drive Digital Adoption to Lower Call Volume

Understanding the customer, the context of their inquiry and their intent allows you to offer the right digital channel to most effectively and efficiently resolve their inquiry without agent assistance. Think of it as your “contact center firewall”! The Jacada solution works with leading digital channel providers in addition to providing our own.

Personalized Knowledge

Knowledge management remains underutilized from a self-service point of view. In the age of hyper personalization it is important to surface the right information at the right time target to the customer to truly drive self-service. For example, a customer who just missed a flight and heads to your FAQ page should see a “Missed your flight?” link as the very first option on the page. That’s personalization!

Learns and Improves

The Digital Routing Engine monitors interactions that make it through the “firewall”, analyzes the agent interaction and subsequent outcome, all in an effort to learn from the experience and improve the next customer’s digital interaction and lower call volume.

Context Sensitive Contact Us

The Jacada solution brings context sensitivity and personalization to your generic phone number. Replacing it with a “smart contact” button allows the engine to determine when it is appropriate to display a phone number for assisted service, or when the customer should be offered digital self-service channels instead.

Merge your Digital Assets

Merge your existing digital assets into a single convenient point of access for your customer. From Intelligent Assistants to Live Chat, Jacada ensures your customers adopt the digital assets you’ve already invested in.