Why Should I Care?

According to Ventana research, customers have as many as 17 channels available to them when communicating with your company…voice, online chat, email, IVR, Facebook, messengers and more. Phew…that’s a lot to keep track of and makes identifying the same customer coming in on different channels all the more difficult.

And without knowing your customers interaction history across the different channels, it’s impossible to improve the customer experience or understand their intent when contacting you for a second or third time. In fact, most companies don’t even know that the person they just engaged with during the online chat is the same person calling them 1 hour later.

Enter the Context Store

The context store is a repository for all your customer communication and journey data. By centralizing the customer journey data and smartly attributinginteractions to a customer, it is now possible to understand the customer’s journey, their sentiment and their intent. Armed with this information you can better route customer service inquiries, across both voice and digital channels, and deliver an improved customer experience.

Jacada Context Store

Next Best Action

The Jacada context store can drive digital adoption to reduce call volume by leveraging our Next Best Action technology to offer the right channel for the customer in context to the inquiry. Knowing their interaction history, intent, sentiment and context ensures the most effective and efficient channels are made available to your customer.

The Jacada Context Store provides a single repository of customer journey data, conveniently and securely deployed in the cloud, and also available as an on-premises deployment. Our open API ensures easy integration with all your channels, regardless of the underlying vendors.

What is the Offering?

Drive Digital Adoption

Leverage the context store to really and truly understand the customer and the reason they’re reaching out to you. Armed with that information you can put forward the right digital or assisted service channel which will mostly likely and most efficiently resolve the customer’s inquiry.

Better Routing

Supplementing your routing rules with a customer’s previous digital interaction history and intent allows for far more accurate routing of voice calls. Knowing that a customer just visited the billing cancellation page on your website and is now the same customer calling in can allow you to directly route them to a priority retention group.

Understanding Customer Intent

It’s been said that the future of service is no service, embracing the notion that companies should proactively reach out customers before they reach out to you. Even if we’re not there yet, understanding the customer’s intent is the first step to providing the best possible resolution to an issue facing a customer. Conversations are never started cold and the customer has a better experience.

A Personalized Experience for Customers YOU

In today’s world it’s about delivering a hyper-personalized customer experience. It’s no longer enough to think of “customers”, and better to think of John, Sue, Tomer, and Johan … and YOU. Knowing when John last contacted you, which channels John prefers, the journey John has embarked on and John’s intent means delivering a hyper-personalized experience that is best for…well, John.

Open and Flexible

The Jacada context store is technology and vendor agnostic and supports integration into all your various online and physical infrastructure channels. Available as a cloud or on-premises deployment, you can choose the model that best fits your environment, and your budget.