Jacada Collaboration Rooms
Changing the face of customer interactions

Today’s consumers are already familiar with chat rooms, thanks to apps like WhatsApp. Now imagine extending that concept to your customer service initiatives. Let your customers engage your company representatives at any time through a persistent collaboration room where they can ask questions, receive links, cobrowse … and come back to it at any time.

Stop playing “phone tag”

Need a document from a customer? Just ask them to drop it in their personal collaboration room when they’re ready. Need to get a policy signed? Your CSR just drops it in the room, the customer is notified, electronically signs it and puts it back in the room. It couldn’t be easier.
collaboration room 1

collaboration room 2

…In fact, stop playing “did you get my email” too

No need to be emailing documents back and forth, inevitably generating unnecessary calls. Collaboration rooms makes it easier to find the document you’re waiting for, is more secure than email, and provides a history of the interaction.

Collaborate digitally while on the voice channel.

And it’s not just about documents. While on the voice channel, your CSR can open a room and start collaborating on the digital channel while speaking on the phone. Send product links, brochures or even assist a customer in completing a form.
collaboration room 3

collaboration room 4

Rooms are a customer’s best friend

Customers can come back to their collaboration room days or weeks later and conveniently continue an interaction or start a new interaction, in which improves customer interaction. They’ll love interacting with you in a manner that is intuitively familiar to them.

Seamless Integration

If you can add some Javascript to your website (you can!), then Collaboration rooms can be added to your website. And with our prebuilt integration adaptors, your rooms will be connected to all the systems that matter.
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