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It's all about the next best action!

Jacada Advisor helps call centers achieve excellent customer service by providing the next best action for the agent, simplifying applications and automating redundant or repetitive tasks. Jacada Advisor enables agents to focus on the customer, not the system, so that customers receive an optimal solution to their query in the shortest time possible.


Contact center agents are struggling with application complexity: Those cumbersome applications that require them to navigate multiple complex screens, just to get basic customer information. And while they search for answers buried deep in the applications, the seconds keep adding up and the customer loses patience. The problem is, most of these applications were never built for the broad needs and real time demands of a contact center. The accuracy and speed with which your agent understands the issue and provides the answer can be the difference between an angry and a satisfied customer.

Happier customers means increased loyalty, ultimately improving your retention capabilities and increasing your revenue opportunities.


You need next best action guidance if...

  • Your customer service experience is suffering because of application complexity
  • You want to have the capabilities of your best Agents mirrored to all your Agents
  • You want to lower Average Handle Time
  • You want to significantly reduce Agent training costs

right arrow6  How Does It Work

Jacada® Advisor is designed to simplify the complexity of existing customer service desktop applications and reduce the amount of training required to work with those applications.

Jacada Advisor works by allowing you to capture processes performed on an application and then automating all or parts of the process. 

Agents can be guided as to the next best action to perform using small pop-up’s or “bubbles” that are provided in real-time in context to the current action being performed. In addition, Jacada Advisor can monitor the activities of an Agent in an application and automatically automate routine tasks, as and when appropriate. 

Thanks to its flexible customer interaction scripting capabilities, the customer experience can be tailored and adjusted to deliver an optimal experience using a graphical rule based environment. And best of all, the Business can make changes to the customer interaction without needing costly IT involvement.

How Advisor provides the Next Best Action

Diagram Key:

      1. Jacada Advisor monitors the agent desktop, paying attention to the interactions being performed by the agent. This is not simply recording the screen, instead, Advisor is examining which buttons are being clicked, which screens are being navigated to and more.
      2. Jacada Advisor is also monitoring what an agent is typing into the fields. This way specific actions can be triggered based on what is entered into a field.
      3. Jacada Advisor can also capture data from the agent desktop when it finds something that you have deemed to be important.
      4. Jacada Advisor will take all the captured data and events that were caught and notify the rules engine to see if anything should be done about the captured information
      5. The sophisticated rules engine allows a business user to construct the scenarios graphically to instruct Advisor what to do in the current situation, such as whether to show an upsell alert, enforce a business rule, or automatically paste the data in other desktop applications. The rules engine does not need to rely on the captured data only to make decisions. Instead, it also mines other external systems and knowledgebases to make more informed decisions. Effectively all your rules that determine the next best action happen here.
      6. Based on the output of the rules engine, Jacada Advisor will "push" data or interactions onto the Agent Desktop. This may consist of displaying a "bubble" with important information, automating a task on the desktop or enforcing a new business rule.


right arrow6  Benefits

Let’s explore how providing the next best action helps your organization achieve customer retention and cost reduction from the perspective of the agent and the business.

Agent Perspective

The accuracy and speed by which your agent responds and solves a query is the difference between a happy customer and a dissatisfied customer. With every minute that your customer waits on the line while your agent struggles to find the answer in a sea of complicated applications, your customer’s frustration runs high.  And what happens when the agent helplessly navigates from application to application but is unable to retrieve the right solution for your customer? Your customer is quickly losing patience with your organization and their simple inquiry may now become a retentions issue!

Providing excellent customer service is key to retention and ultimately to your organization’s revenue. While customers expect agents to be subject matter experts on the company’s business, agents are usually left to service a customer without receiving situation-specific guidance to best resolve an issue or properly configure a product or service.

Agent Pains

  • Complicated applications with extensive “alt-tabbing”, cutting and pasting and knowledge lookups
  • Inefficient CRM systems
  • Ability to upsell and cross sell is disabled due to lack of real-time guidance and complicated applications. 
  • Tasked with increasingly complicated calls
  • Required to have deep subject matter expertise  

Benefits of providing next best action for your Agent

  • Real-time, in context step by step guidance through complex processes.
  • Automation of desktop applications so the agent can solve a customer’s problem quickly and effectively.  
  • Reduction of average handle time by providing agent guidance and automating redundant and repetitive tasks. 
  • Agents receive a real-time 360 view of the customer.

Jacada Advisor allows you to capture your optimal processes and feed these back to your Agents in real-time, providing process guidance in context to the task being performed. Agents can be guided as to the next best action to perform to ensure an effective and efficient interaction. Whether it’s solving application complexity, increasing revenue, ensuring compliance or simply reducing call times, step-by-step guidance is a sure way to improve the performance in your contact center.

Business Perspective

Jacada Advisor focuses on customer retention, cost reduction and revenue increase by providing agent guidance and eliminating the need for costly agent training or expensive IT changes.

Jacada Advisor works on your existing system with no underlying changes required. By using existing applications you keep the investment already made on your current application while “supercharging” their usability and removing layers of complexity.

Business Pains

  • Retaining customers in a highly homogenized market
  • The releasing of hundreds of products and variations of existing products every year requires rapid changes to the system.
  • Pressure to reduce operational costs

Benefits to your business

  • Real time agent guidance improves customer service which ultimately means retention and higher revenue.
  • Separating the IT role and the Business role, so that the Business can own and maintain daily tasks, while leaving your IT resources free to tackle the complex problems.
  • Automated desktop and scripted guidance provide a consolidated view to agents with helpful next best action bubbles. This allows one agent to quickly handle multiple call types and reduce the need to transfer between agent groups, resulting in fewer groups, faster onboarding (reduced training time).
  • Identifying upsell opportunities and prompting agents as to the next best action ensures that all new revenue goals can be achieved.
  • A significantly reduced AHT improves customer experience.

The Jacada Advisor suite combines proven Jacada capabilities into a cost-effective, innovative solution. With Advisor, call centers can enable their IT investments—be it a CRM solution, sales force automation toolset or other mission-critical system—and simplify the complexity of existing applications while reducing training requirements. This retains the intrinsic value of these applications. And, by optimizing the processes already in place, customer service operations can realize increased productivity from their CSRs while improving satisfaction levels for their CSRs and customers alike.

Creating an improved, integrated CSR interface, rich with in-context data capabilities and rules-based interaction management, provides call centers with an enhanced service environment capable of world-class service excellence. Along with a comprehensive solution designed and implemented by business and technology experts, Jacada Advisor is the cost-effective, time-conscious answer to a chaotic customer service desktop.

right arrow6  Features

Automate the Desktop

The automation capabilities inherent to Jacada Advisor are the core of the solution, enabling front-line service personnel to have an automated and integrated access point to all relevant customer data. 

Automated processes mean speed and efficiency. Jacada Advisor enables rapid navigation through multiple screens using defined application events. In addition, based on specific application events, Jacada Advisor can copy the contents of one or many fields to other fields within the same application or to other applications.

Heads-Up Display and Contextual Interface

Jacada Advisor leverages “application bubbles” to provide in-line, in-context help and “next-best-action” cues to CSRs, streamlining productivity and eliminating errors. This functionality allows you to maintain your current applications (and the application investment already made) while “supercharging” the usability of the application and removing layers of complexity. Application bubbles can be superimposed on any application on the CSR desktop, and, because application bubbles are HTML-compatible, the interface can be as dynamic and interactive as desired, even visualizing data from connected applications.

Making the Interaction Flow

Applying the same technology found in the Jacada® Agent Scripting solution, the embedded interaction management capabilities of Jacada Advisor creates step by step call flows to assist CSRs with complex customer interactions. A rules engine handles complex decisioning or branching functions, and version control provides the ability to instantly enable or rollback call flows as needed.

Business administrators can create, edit and maintain interactions with Drag and Drop modeling, and new call flows can be hot-deployed without requiring full desktop involvement. Advisor captures all customer interaction data, enabling KPI reporting and heat maps to identify CSR actions and customer trends.

Graphical Script Builder to create Next Best Actions – drag/drop

Advisor interactions are created in an easy to use graphical tool, providing true drag and drop script building. Even complex back-end transactions can be invoked without knowledge of the underlying technical details.

Auditing and Reporting

Jacada Advisor provides detailed level auditing and reporting. Interactions can be recorded down to an individual field level. Additionally, sophisticated audit trail reporting will show how interactions are performing, where bottlenecks are occurring and provide insight into where interactions may be further optimized.

Multiple Protocols

Windows applications may have different internal messaging mechanisms depending on the language they were originally developed in. Likewise, Web applications today may be straightforward request/response based while some may utilize significant client side coding (think AJAX) to provide a rich user interface and asynchronous request/response packets. All of these applications have varying ways of integrating to them. Jacada Advisor supports multiple protocols so that for any specific application, the most optimal integration technique can be used.

Supported Environments

Jacada Advisor is a flexible solution and was designed to allow us to support diverse environments. Please contact Jacada with your unique requirements. Previously supported clients include: Oracle Forms, .NET, Visual Basic/ActiveX, PowerBuilder, MFC, Delphi, Java, Citrix and most Web applications.

The bottom line

Jacada Advisor real time agent guidance helps to identify the customer’s problem and provide the right, in-context solution. Agents are focused on the customer, solving their query or identifying upsell or cross sell opportunities with speed and efficiency.

The result is significantly reduced AHT which translates into an improved customer experience, increased retention rates and higher revenue for your organization.

Jacada Advisor. The Answer's right in front of you.