A Different Kind of Self Service

Jacada Intelligent Assistant is always available to intuitively assist your customers with their simple or complex customer service support and/or sales related needs. Natural language processing allows the Intelligent Assistant to understand the intent of the customer and guided flows make it transactional for effective and efficient service. Reduce the cost to serve by providing exceptional customer experiences.

Jacada Intelligent Assistant

Jacada Intelligent Assistant is not only the culmination of our experience delivering customer service solutions for over 25 years, it is also the incorporation of the latest AI, Natural Language and robotic automation technologies to create bot driven outcomes.

Always available to intuitively support customers with their simple or complex customer service support and/or sales related needs, the solution utilizes the best of breed natural language processing to understand the intent of the customer. Integration with backend systems and robotic automation, make the Intelligent Assistant transactional in nature, extending the capabilities of the Intelligent Assistant far beyond simple question answering.

We evaluated the needs of an enterprise in deploying an effective chatbot and seized on weaknesses with existing offerings. From the ability to add automation, utilizing best-of-breed NLP, reuse of existing knowledge silos, graphical designers, and multi-channel, we believe we are the first chatbot framework to build truly enterprise-ready chatbots.

Intelligent Assistant will engage customers and prospects on both the voice and digital channel, understand their intent, participate in the exchange of dialog and fully assist in accomplishing transactions to drive positive outcomes.


Reduce Calls

A good virtual assistant should be measured by its ability to significantly reduce calls to the contact center, hence significantly reducing operating costs. And since the customer will be able to rapidly self-serve - on their channel of choice -their customer experience will be exceptional.

Why hire a virtual agent that can’t effectively solve the problem or address the inquiry of the customer?

Customer Experience

Jacada Intelligent Assistant is the only virtual agent that is part of an integrated digital customer experience solution set that spans all channels and includes web self-service, the industry’s leading Visual IVR solution, and the leading contact center agent automation and digital-enablement offerings. This comprehensive suite of digital customer experience solutions are powered by Jacada Interact, a powerful and easy to use interaction, UI and integration platform for creating engaging customer experiences across any channel and device type.

Effective Routing

No virtual assistant is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. For those rare times when a customer still needs to speak with an agent, you will now know the reason for calling. Contextual and seamless channel hopping comes standard. In today’s high-tech contact center environment, it is astonishing how many companies still do not know the reasons customers call – and certainly not in real-time as the call is happening. This results in ineffective routing, transferred calls, long handle times and a poor customer experience.

Customer Insights

A virtual assistant is also one of the best ways to collect customer insights and the voice of the customer (VOC). There is only so much you can do to understand customer intent when it results in a voice dialogue with a call center agent. Distilling the interactions with your customers to discrete, digital exchanges provides the best possible insight into customer intent and channel preference.

See Jacada Intelligent Assistant in Action

The following videos are recorded demonstrations of Jacada Intelligent Assistant. These videos demonstrate two generalized interactions with the solution on both the voice/mobile, and web channels. See how a customer’s inquiry is successfully handled utilizing Jacada Intelligent Assistant.

Intelligent Assistant on the Voice Channel

Jacada’s Intelligent Assistant is made available to customers calling an organizations contact center by utilizing Jacada’s patented digital routing solution. Inbound calling customers are provided the option to pivot the call to a mobile engagement with the Intelligent Assistant. By pivoting the call to a digital interaction, customers now have the ability to self-service their inquiry. With the help of Jacada Intelligent Assistant, the success of self-service is dramatically improved.

Intelligent Assistant on the Web

Customers are able to interact with Jacada Intelligent Assistant directly from an organizations webpage. The interface can be integrated directly into a search-based support webpage or a separate chat interaction popup. The Intelligent Assistant utilizes natural language processing to communicate with the customer and understand the intent of the inquiry. By communicating with the customer, Jacada Intelligent Assistant is capable of servicing their inquiry and completing the transaction.

Jacada Interact

Included with Jacada Intelligent Assistant is the Jacada Interaction Platform. A simple to deploy, cloud based or on-premises visual interaction designer. This is where you will train the natural language processing engine as well as build predefined flows for engaging customer experiences across any channel and device type.

Additional Information

    • For authenticated customers, their experience is personalized based on whatever is available and known about the customer in your business systems, CRM, etc.
    • For anonymous visitors, our Intelligent Assistant utilizes Jacada Beacons to track visitors’ activity to determine customer intent.
    • Jacada Context Store tracks all interactions across all channels to provide additional context to drive next best action and personalization.
    • Jacada Intelligent Assistant can then personalize FAQs, NLP responses and drive customized guided interactions.
    • “Vertically trained” to provide more relevant and accurate responses out of the box.
    • Or we can work with the NLP engine of your choice.
    • Utilizing the Jacada Interact Designer, even complex business rules can be designed, maintained and deployed by business analysts.
    • Business rules can drive when to offer certain channel options, what FAQs would be more relevant, which content or customer data should be presented, or what other context should be provided to personalize the experience.
    • Whether integrating to your CRM application, other backend business systems, your knowledge management systems, or big data repositories, Jacada makes integration easy.
    • The same personalized Intelligent Assistant for the web can be launched directly within a Jacada Visual IVR session ensuring a consistent and personalized customer experience regardless of the channel they choose.
    • If the customer still needs to speak with an agent (voice or chat) Jacada Intelligent Assistant delivers all of the customer’s digital journey to the agent providing full context of the journey, indicating caller intent and what is needed to resolve their request. Using our DNIS Manager, Jacada Intelligent Assistant will assign a unique number for the customer to call that will connect the context of their journey with their call.
    • The agent benefits from having access to Intelligent Assistant and contextual intelligence to guide the customer to a swift call resolution.
    • Utilizing Jacada Agent Guidance the agent can be easily guided through Next Best Actions utilizing the intelligence gained by Jacada Intelligent Assistant.