Dynamic Number Insertion

While everything is going digital you still have an 800 number and you still have customers calling. How can you seamlessly bridge the analogue/voice world with your digital self-service initiatives? Jacada utilizes an innovative and patented solution to bridge this gap, and it utilizes DNI and DNIS. While DNIS may be a familiar term to you, DNI may not.


DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) is a technique used to display a unique telephone number on a web site for a caller to dial. It has been used for many years to associate callers with marketing campaigns or lead sources. For example, if you end up on a company’s website based on a Google AdWords campaign you would get a different number to call than if you ended up on the website from another site, and yet another number if you ended up their thanks to Facebook.

More recently companies and some solution providers are using DNI to uniquely associate each caller with their browser session on the company’s web site. In other words, every web visitor who needs to speak with an agent will be presented with a unique number to call, then the call can be associated with the customer’s web session. Some companies are doing this to track the point at which a customer has decided they need help on the company’s web site to then help determine the reason for calling and what can be done to further improve the customer’s ability to self-serve.


DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) is a telephone service that identifies for the receiver of a call the number that the caller dialed. It's a common feature of 800 and 900 lines. If you have multiple 800 or 900 numbers to the same destination, DNIS tells which number was called, or in this case which DNI number. In addition to using the DNI number for marketing campaign attribution, recognizing a DNI number can then be used for routing purposes or to potentially customize the IVR experience.

Jacada has taken this concept a giant step forward and utilizes a pool of DNI numbers to connect, in real time, the inbound call with the customer's digital journey.

So what? Here's what.

For inbound calls from your website or from a Jacada Intelligent Assistant session, your agents can now:

  • See the full context of your customer’s web interaction and journey
  • See the page they are currently on
  • Open an Engagement Room with your on-line customer through which the agent can share links with the customer to help them navigate the site, documents to be read or signed, images, videos … a truly collaborate, omni-channel experience! And the customer can share files and documents as well – and if on a mobile device use features like the phones camera to take pictures in real-time and share them with the agent

Visual IVR Session

For customers that have entered a Visual IVR session and still need to speak with an agent, all of the context of the Visual IVR session can be immediately shared with the agent so they know the reason for calling and what the customer has already done.

Jacada provides a powerful and easy-to-implement solution for bringing your voice agents into the digital world, reducing customer effort and creating a true omni-channel experience – reducing costs while increasing conversion rates, revenue and average order value.

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