Application Enhancement Products

Our solutions range from integrating to your legacy (Web, Windows and Host) applications, automating routine tasks, or web-enabling your host systems. If you have legacy applications today, chances are we can improve them!

Our non-invasive solutions can be implemented in a matter of months, rather than years for built-from-scratch projects. The result is rapid ROI and a significant savings to your operations and IT budgets.

With a focus on contact center operations and a reputation as the leading non-invasive integrator, our agent desktop and customer service experience optimization solutions improve the effectiveness of customer interactions.

Our products provide these key benefits:

  • Cross-system automated logon
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Reuse of legacy application in SOA initiatives
  • Repurpose your Web, Windows and Host applications

Our application enhancement portfolio of products leverages your current IT environment and in-place assets, so you don't have to "rip and replace" your current systems.

Jacada Integration and Automation

"How can I integrate with existing applications?"

Jacada Integration & Automation (Formerly Jacada WinFuse)- provides robust data integration and desktop automation capabilities, which improves efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry, resulting in more streamlined business processes.


Jacada Interface Server

"What can I do with old legacy “green screens”?"

Jacada Interface Server- the leading automated Web-enablement solution for extending and modernizing legacy host systems by generating a thin-client graphical user interface.

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Jacada Hostfuse

Jacada HostFuse- allows legacy applications to be "service enabled" – expose functionality contained within an existing host application as open standard Web services.

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