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Major Multi-National Technology Company Places Material Order to Extend Jacada Visual IVR into Additional EMEA Markets

Major Multi-National Technology Company Places Material Order to Extend Jacada Visual IVR into Additional EMEA Markets

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Additional business units go live with Jacada Visual IVR for customer support and product activation Atlanta, July 28, 2015 – Jacada, Inc., a leading global provider of customer experience technology designed to simplify the interaction between businesses and their customers, announced today that its Visual IVR solution has been launched in additional business units of its Fortune 50 technology customer as a result of a material order that was recently placed. As a multi-national customer, the Visual IVR deployment will now extend beyond its initial US roll-out and include several areas of EMEA including Ireland, South Africa, and the UK. As a pioneer and owner of several patents surrounding Visual IVR technology, this is a true milestone for Jacada in the maturity of the Visual IVR market.The Jacada Visual IVR solution provides consumers an effortless way to connect with companies from their device of choice to get immediate answers. It enables them to connect with the right people in the company efficiently and in a personalized manner. Visual IVR increases customer loyalty, decreases the cost to serve, and provides a better overall consumer experience.

Jacada Visual IVR helps customers activate products as well as efficiently connect with the company for sales and support from mobile devices. The Jacada service has already provided significant benefits to this technology company and continues to receive very positive feedback from their customers. Additionally, the service supports the companies’ mobile initiatives.

“Jacada introduced its Visual IVR product to the market to solve customer service frustrations, and we are pleased that it has been doing this for this world renowned company for many months now” says Guy Yair, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Jacada. “Today I am happy to announce that the benefits of Visual IVR are now recognized by one of the largest, most well-known companies in the world, and that we are proud to have such a reputable technology peer as a customer.”

About Jacada

Jacada Inc. enables organizations to deliver effortless customer self-service and agent assisted interactions by implementing cutting-edge mobile, smart device, and web based visual IVR solutions, as well as optimized agent desktops, and business process optimization tools. Customers can benefit from an improved customer experience at every touch point with the organization, whether at the contact center, on the mobile, the website, or at the retail store. Most Jacada deployments provide complete return on investment within the first three to seven months after deployment. Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in Atlanta, USA; London, England; Munich, Germany; and Herzliya, Israel. More information is available at www.Jacada.com.

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