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Jacada Unveils New Product: Jacada UI for CRM

Jacada Unveils New Product: Jacada UI for CRM

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ATLANTA – Feb. 7, 2012 – Jacada, Inc., a leading global provider of call center technology designed to improve the interaction between agents and their customers, today announced the release of a new product, Jacada® UI for CRM. Jacada UI for CRM is the industry’s first product designed exclusively to improve how call center agents interact  with their organization’s existing CRM system. The result is an improved agent experience and increased customer satisfaction.

To better manage customer relationships, most organizations install a CRM system, which is used by every department, including the contact center. Unfortunately, the user interface (UI) of a CRM system is typically not designed for efficient customer interactions, forcing agents to tab through multiple screens and dialog boxes in order to perform cursory functions during customer interactions. This inefficiency results in increased handle times and reduced first call resolution.

Jacada UI for CRM is a user interface (UI) for CRM systems that provides all customer information in a single view, improving the efficiency with which agents handle customer calls. By delivering information when needed, in the context of the customer interaction taking place, contact centers benefits from:

  • Reduced Average Handle Time
  • Increased First Call Resolution
  • Decreased agent training time
  • Improved customer satisfaction

“CRM systems were never built to talk to the customer. In a sense, they were designed to help organizations manage the customer, not to interact with the customer,” said Gideon Hollander, co-chief executive officer of Jacada. “As a result, call centers who adopt CRMs experience an increase in Average Handle Time, contrary to what they expected. With Jacada UI for CRM, organizations can create new customer-centric views on top of these CRM systems, allowing agents to interact more effectively and efficiently with their customers, while benefiting from the power of the CRM system.”

Jacada UI for CRM leverages existing CRM investments, providing the UI and specific functionality actually needed by call center agents to more efficiently and effectively perform their tasks. With prebuilt components and integration with some of the world’s largest and most popular CRM-based applications, organizations can quickly create new UIs and processes for their customer service improvement initiatives without adding to the IT backlog.

Utilizing Jacada’s “building through clicks not code” philosophy, Jacada UI for CRM includes:

  • Prebuilt widgets for most major CRM applications
  • A drag-and-drop designer for building new customer-centric views
  • Ability to “hot deploy” new UIs without server restarts or outages
  • Workflow approval processes
  • Event handling and event chaining
  • Open integration standards
  • Modern Rich Internet Application (RIA) controls with full AJAX support
For more information on Jacada UI for CRM and to watch a video demonstration, visit the Jacada UI for CRM product page.

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