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Jacada Announces Release of Social Customer Insights White Paper

Jacada Announces Release of Social Customer Insights White Paper

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Jacada, Inc.
ATLANTA, Aug. 25, 2010

What: “Social Customer Insights: Building Customer-centric Organizations”

Who: By Kumaran Shanmuhan, Director, Product Management, Jacada Inc
When: Available immediately

Details: Customers reward businesses that understand their needs and solve their problems. On the other hand, they drift away from those that disregard their preferences. While this has always been the case, the interaction explosion that happens in the social web has manifested this customer behavior loud and clear. In order to be successful in this social age, businesses need to understand customers as individuals and build authentic relationships with them.

The explosion of the social web has made it easier for people to share information about themselves and about their experiences anytime, from anywhere with anyone. As a result, the web exists today as an ever-growing repository of user-generated content. When businesses are equipped with the ability to truly understand customers as individuals based on their publicly announced personas, it opens the door to an amazing realm of possibilities to build and enrich authentic relationships. Further, using this information in tandem with information already available within the enterprise, businesses can get a better understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

This paper points out why businesses should leverage the social web to understand their customers beyond their relationship history with the company. Further, it covers how companies can improve customer experience and customer advocacy by harnessing the insights gathered about the social customer.

About Jacada

Jacada is a leading global provider of customer experience management and interaction optimization solutions. By bridging disconnected systems and processes, Jacada solutions create greater operational efficiency and increase agent and customer satisfaction. Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in London; Munich; Stockholm; Atlanta, Georgia; and Herzliya, Israel. Jacada can be reached at

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