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Jacada Advisor Simplifies and Enhances Complex Call Center Applications

Jacada Advisor Simplifies and Enhances Complex Call Center Applications

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New product eases training costs, reduces errors and drives next best action for contact centers

ATLANTA, GA – February 25, 2010 – Jacada, Inc., a leading provider of customer experience management and process optimization solutions for customer service operations, today announced the general availability of Jacada® Advisor, a new product offering for results-driven customer service organizations seeking to improve the usability and user efficiency of key applications.

Jacada Advisor is designed to simplify the complexity of existing customer service desktop applications and reduce the amount of training required to work with those applications by overlaying contextual scripting, help and next best action guidance for customer service representatives. This solution also provides desktop automation and embedded interaction management capabilities.

Jacada Advisor combines the company’s Windows/web integration and interaction management technology with HTML-compatible “application bubbles,” which enable in-line and in-context data feeds. The “applications bubbles” feature will reduce training effort and expenses while enhancing customer interactions by providing a heads-up, contextual interface to key information.

“Jacada is once again at the forefront of innovation in customer experience solutions,” said Richard Stern, senior vice president of global marketing and products for Jacada. “Jacada Advisor answers a particular need for our call center customers, a solution which offers integration capabilities, rules-based processes and dynamic data presentation unlike any solution currently on the market.”

Stern continues, “Training is a huge issue in the customer call center and Jacada Advisor directly addresses this concern in a non-invasive, cost-effective package. Jacada Advisor will have a significantly positive impact on training budgets and timelines, especially for new call center agents.”

Next Best Action for contact centers:

  • Desktop automation capabilities that simplify navigation, cross-application copy/paste functionality and login capabilities, and streamlined data entry
  • Application bubbles provide in-context help and next-best-action dialogs, cross-functional data integration via HTML containers
  • Embedded interaction management delivers rules-based call flow administration with visual interface and reporting capabilities, presented in-context at critical decision points

Fig. 1 Jacada Advisor “application bubble”

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