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Collab Partners with Jacada to Power Agent Scripting Offering

Collab Partners with Jacada to Power Agent Scripting Offering

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Jacada solutions now available through European Multimedia Contact Center provider Collab
Atlanta, June 25, 2015 – Jacada, Inc., a leading global provider of customer service technology designed to simplify the interaction between businesses and their customers, today announced that Jacada Agent Scripting solutions will be available through a new strategic partnership with Collab, a European Multimedia Contact Center provider fully based on IP architecture. Collab is part of a larger IT Corporation, Novabase, currently with over 2200 employees in more than 40 countries. Founded in 2003 by a team with a solid experience in the contact center industry, Collab has gained customers and partners all over the world with references in key areas of Telecommunications, Banking, Healthcare and Government. As a Jacada System Integration Partner, Collab will offer a new agent scripting tool powered by Jacada Agent Scripting to significantly compliment their customer service and experience offerings. Collab partners and clients can use Jacada Agent Scripting to easily create and manage call center scripts, apply business rules and workflows, and gain more powerful auditing, reporting and flexible deployment. Jacada Agent Scripting technology provides additional organizational benefits such as integration with back-end systems and compliance enforcement, contributing to a lower OPEX. “Collab has been recognized as a leading industry player that reflects the same effort, work, and dedication that Jacada has to innovative customer service technology,” said Guy Yair, Co-CEO, Jacada. “The partnership will enable Collab to enhance their proven ability to deliver industry-leading agent scripting technology through Jacada’s innovative solutions.” “Partnering with Jacada is a strategic decision to complement our portfolio with best-of-breed Agent Scripting functionality,” said Carlos Vasconcelos, VP Marketing, Collab. “For years we have served customers with custom agent script development, which is great up to a certain point. There are situations where the need of RAPID development using a fully VISUAL environment is critical. This is where partnering with Jacada makes perfect sense to Collab. We have high hopes with this partnership and, at the time of this contract signature, we already have customers to demonstrate this added value.” About Jacada Jacada enables organizations to deliver effortless customer self-service and agent assisted interactions by implementing cutting‐edge mobile, smart device, and web based visual IVR solutions, as well as optimized agent desktops, and business process optimization tools. Customers can benefit from an improved customer experience at every touch point with the organization, whether at the contact center, on the mobile, the website, or at the retail store. Most Jacada deployments provide complete return on investment within the first three to seven months after deployment. Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in Atlanta, USA; London, England; Munich, Germany; and Herzliya, Israel. More information is available at www.jacada.com. About Collab Collab is a European multimedia contact center provider fully based on IP architectures. Collab anticipated a technological revolution that disrupted the contact center industry: 100% SIP based contact centers, without any PBX, for large-scaled organizations. Collab’s portfolio now includes OneContact, OneWorkforce and OnePBX. Founded in 2003 by a team with a solid experience in the contact center industry, Collab is part of a larger IT corporation, Novabase, currently over 2000 employees in more than 40 countries, with annual turnover of approx. 300 Million Usd (2013). Contact: A. Lee Judge Senior Digital Marketing Manager Jacada 770-776-2326 [email protected]

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