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The new support suite will remove the support burden from an organization's IT group and allow it to focus on core systems instead of administering third-party solutions.

"At Jacada, we highly value our customer relationships," said Tom Clear, chief executive officer at Jacada. "Solution Support is a no-worries, value-add option which ensures our customers get the most out of their Jacada investment."

Clear continues: "Solution Support typically includes dedicated Jacada resources and a solution support advisor, who is the single point of contact for support issues. We're very pleased to offer our customers this flexible support offering which affords them priority service."

Solution Support encompasses traditional software maintenance and service warranty features as well as preventative "health checks" to the installed Jacada solution, regardless of the level of changes to the existing system or infrastructure. Jacada Solution Support includes diagnostics, problem isolation and issue resolution; periodic solution status and review; corrective, adaptive and preventative maintenance; change control; and product upgrade support. It also covers support for major upgrades, once every three years.

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