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10 Ways to Cut Contact Center Agent Onboarding Time In Half

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Single, Simple, and Powerful


customer assist - agent desktop Multichannel
Agent Desktop
for Avaya EMC

scriptingInbound & Outbound


Visual IVR
for Avaya


The Benefits of Jacada’s SPP certified solutions for you are:
  • A unified Agent Desktop for multiple platforms (Elite, EMC, QM, PDS, WFM) & a highly flexible presentation layer.
  • Scripting solutions, agile and dynamic, enabling your elite agents to handle complex processes that require real-time guidance.
  • A visual IVR menu interface to your existing Voice IVR system. Accessible from web/mobile. Lowers “zero outs”, shortens calls, and increases customer satisfaction.
    • Jacada solutions easily integrate with your exiting Avaya platforms. Not costly rip and replace.
    • Jacada solutions work with your existing desktop application and tie into the existing Avaya telephony infrastructure.
    • Instant savings by: Reduced AHT, Increased FCR and reduced IT costs with simplified deployment and maintenance.
Watch how Jacada’s SPP solutions can work for you…
Avaya Jacada Video 3
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Pain Product Description Benefits Integrate With Case Study
PDS/PC agents requiring world-class scripting


Elite agents handling complex processes that require real-time guidance

Jacada Agent Scripting Provides the most powerful and agile, yet easy to use, scripting environment available.


Call center scripts and business rules are created in clicks rather than code.

Scripts can be instantly deployed to agents, monitored in real-time, and then fine-tuned.

By continuously refining interactions, organizations can meet and exceed customer service experience goals.






Works with existing desktop application and ties into the existing Avaya telephony infrastructure, including being invoked on “screen pop”.

Agents are guided to follow all the rules and regulations that have been put in place and identify “AT-RISK” customers.

Next best action prompts help agents to identify upsell opportunities and ensure all new revenue goals are met.

Tech support calls are handled in the most efficient manner possible.

Product complexity is distilled to an easy-to-understand interface.

Reduces if not eliminates agent errors, cutting down callbacks.

Significant reduction in agent training times, faster onboarding.

Increases FCR

Reduces AHT

Increases compliance

Competes aggressively with Genesys and Interactive Intelligence on Agent Scripting.

Avaya Interaction Center


Avaya Aura Contact Center and Call Center Elite

Avaya CTI Servers – utilizes the AES API

Avaya Desktop clients – utilizes desktop screen- pop

Telefonica  O2 UK



40 sec/call- AHT

50% reduction (25 sec) in ACW

25% fewer callbacks

2 weeks reduction in training time

Customers are required to use multiple Avaya desktops and  manual agent blending


Need a higher level of integration with 3rd party applications

Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop A unified Agent Desktop for multiple platforms (Elite, EMC, QM, PDS, WFM) within a highly flexible presentation layer


An integrated approach to Voice and Multimedia

An integrated approach to inbound and outbound

Integrates with the existing Avaya telephony infrastructure without needing to replace prevailing applications.


Simplifies deployment and maintenance (reduces IT costs)

Enables blended agents

The agent is provided with a 360 view of the customer across all applications.

Reduces Agent training.

Avaya Interaction Center


Avaya Aura Contact Center and Call Center Elite

Avaya CTI Servers – utilizes the AES API

Avaya Desktop clients – utilizes desktop screen- pop

Avaya  Experience Portal and Voice XML Browser.

Major US P&C  Insurance Provider



20% in AHT – $6M annually

75% AHT savings on payment call types

ACW savings – $2M annually

2 weeks reduction in training time

Customers demand consistent contact and instant solutions or IVR suffers from high “zero-outs” and low containment Visual IVR + A visual menu-driven interface to an existing IVR system, accessible from web/mobile.


Users log into the company’s website or simply launch a mobile app to click their way from menu to solution quickly and efficiently – independent of live agents.

With an intuitive and easy-to-use see-and-touch menu, users are able to retrieve relevant information, complete routine transactions, view current holding time, and request a callback or chat option.

A warm and seamless transition and in-context handling of calls directed from the visual IVR to the call center.

“Plug and Play” setup with the Avaya IVR technology.


No costly rip and replace or rewrite.

Uses existing IVR scripts, allowing customers the choice of using a conventional IVR or the new Visual IVR.

Extensions to the Avaya Dialog Designer significantly simplify the already easy process of enhancing the IVR scripts.

An improved customer experience – customers get 24/7 access to the IVR from web/mobile, fast and accurate results, better routing, and low to no holding time.

Extensions provided for Avaya Dialog Designer for easy implementation. N/A

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Chosen by Avaya as an SPP partner, Jacada is a trusted vendor of leading software solutions that work seamlessly on existing technology to eliminate clear pains encountered by the business, representative, and user – and provide an excellent complement to Avaya’s contact center professional services portfolio.

Why Partner with Jacada?

Jacada products provide an additional revenue stream to your business
  • Short term cross-sell to your existing customer base
  • “Own the Customer” – significant business value and sticky relationships with your customers
  • Increased sales to a new audience
Innovative solutions with a Competitive Advantage
  • VIVR is at the forefront of IVR and self-service technology
  • Jacada is a known market leader in agent desktops
  • Better address your customer needs and enable a comprehensive product suite delivery to strengthen relationships with both your end-users and Avaya
  • Simplify the way end-users interact with contact centers, help drive efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction- a win-win for your customers
Easy to Sell
  • Products solve clear customers pains and provide fast ROI with high-value implementations
  • Certified and easily implemented with many Avaya solutions
  • A natural extension to your current business
  • Proven large scale deployments (Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys reference deployments)
Easy to Partner with
  • Comprehensive partner program
  • Joint marketing investment & dedicated partner portal
  • Extensive product training
  • Extended Maintenance & support
  • Presale support- Onsite or remote


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