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Why You Should Personalize Digital Customer Interactions

Why You Should Personalize Digital Customer Interactions

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The reason why you need to personalize customer interactions, well really they’re several reasons. The fairly pragmatic reason is this, your customers almost certainly have tried to engage you on multiple channels. And so every time they change a channel or they go into a different experience if that experience isn’t personalized to that individual based on what they’ve already been doing on other channels, in effect you’re asking them to start all over again.

So, you’re violating one of the central tenets of customer experience, which is don’t make me repeat myself. You personalize the experience, you take into account what that individual has already tried to do, you’re honoring their time commitment to your company. There’s a second reason why you really need to personalize your customer interactions and that is as follows: As organization’s have become more and more dispersed, and larger, as the human race has become more dispersed and more heterogeneous, there’s a growing sense of lack of personalization. And so any organization, that can create an empathetic type of reaction or connection with an individual is going to differentiate themselves from all the other large, nameless, faceless organizations. You in effect become an entity that, that individual can relate to rather than just a big faceless organization.

So, the third reason why you want to personalize customer interactions is quite frankly, it saves time and money. For you the organization, it allows you to make that interaction as short as possible and still deliver the desire outcome and of course, you’re respecting the time of your customer because they can achieve what they want in the least amount of time possible. Bottom line, savings to you, great customer experience for the individual.

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