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Why is it important for businesses to understand customer experience?

Why is it important for businesses to understand customer experience?

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User Experiences to businesses is critical, it’s a must for a business to meet the consumer especially in today’s market in the space that they want and that the consumer choose consumer or channel chooses and give them something a value. When they can do that they try for the better engagement and the interaction with the consumer and that drives two key elements more conversion at easier and more comfortable for the customer to purchase something for the business and it becomes much less painful the customers to get service or to get help with the item or the goods or the products or the services that they purchase. Its critical again for the customer for the business to meet the consumer what the consumer wants.

Companies and Business needs to be consistent in experiences that they provided in any given channel the way I interact and the way I communicate with the business on the website or in the app or I pick up the phone and interact with an agent or someone in the store needs to be the same. I have my own language and my own terms and my own frame of reference on how I interact with the business. And the business needs to acknowledge that. First and foremost, the business has to understand what my intent is and to drive that intent from the language and actions that I provide. And in order to understand the intent very precisely the business has to utilize everything they know about me as a customer. What products I have bought where am my service journey, where am I adding my monthly billing cycle, What products that I struggle with recently use that to inform and refine what I say and the terms I use and come back to me and acknowledge that you heard me who I am as a person and as an individual and verify that this is what I want to do insightful way.

Because once the business understands what that intent is, why am I interacting with you because I have taken time out of my day to do so. Then the business can then make best choice possible about how to get me an help by need and that help could be anything from providing a simple of piece of information to getting me to the platinum agent that they can guide me through the best selection of the right product configuration or it could be anything. But it’s important for the business to understand my intent and utilize everything that they know about me to give me a personalized experience. I think that there is broad suite of technologies out there that really all function in small ways to improve customer experience but it’s important to consider how they work together. You can think about them as a cognitive experience market space technology. You have natural language understanding and recognizing how I say words and how I use languages. You have artificial intelligence that places that takes the meaning of what I said and place an intelligence predictive decision on that technology. You have a digital screen design experiences and you have touch design tools and experiences all those things come together to form an experience that can be consistent and connected across any channels. Being informed about what I have done in another channel underline datasets can inform how I interact in another channel.

Large scale enterprises tend to become very inward technology focus that is they let their own technological limitations or their own technological acquisitions drive how they interact with the consumers rather than saying to the consumer to tell us how you would like us to interact or being responsive interactive to consumer to chooses to interact with the business and that a very key issue and a key problems it drives down user engagement with any kind of connections to the business which removes brand loyalty. It is important for a business to stop set aside their own technological implementations and investments and take look from outside in. What is that the consumer wants when they reaches out to us as a business, what are they trying to accomplish, what are they trying to buy from us, what help do they need and how do they want to acquire it. Then let us identify the technologies that allow us to deliver a consistent experience across each of those channels and across each of those communications with us.

By doing business with Jacada your business will receive over a hundred fifty years of complex system integration experience coupled with an ability to stitch those system integration connection points together to automate business processing’s. That business process can then be exposed to either agents or to consumers drive efficiency in end to end consumer journeys to deliver values in terms of revenue through conversions and reduce cost of operations through customer self-service and through improved agent efficiency. Lastly you get a partner who is experienced in the space and who is dedicated to match your success across all of those metrics.

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