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What makes an exceptional bot?

What makes an exceptional bot?

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What makes the virtual customer assistant exceptional?
Hmm, that really depends on your expectations, we don’t want to build bots that simply automates interactions to the point where the customers tune out. So, this is the very important question, what makes the bot exceptional? To answer this question without any buzz words, we don’t have to look any further than the asking question what makes the customer service representative exceptional. The corporate executive board did some research on this topic, and they published their findings in report called “Kick-Ass Customer Service”, I think they even featured on Harvard Business Review earlier this year. Were they looked at the performance, the attributes and qualities of more than a thousand representatives globally across different industries. They tried to see which were those drafts, what were those defining qualities of representatives who can provide customer interactions that were,
1. Efficient, good for the bottom line
2. Painless, good for customer experience,
these are really the ultimate goals in any customer operations especially looking at customer experience. Reduce the cost to serve, while providing an amazing experience. So why not look at those defining qualities of those best customer service representatives. The CIB calls these group of customer service representative’s “controllers”. So, what are the defining qualities of these controllers to have an opinion on how things need to be done. Have expertise to explain why things need to be done that way. Most importantly they direct customer interactions so it is not only about coming up with about next best offer. It’s about being ready to explain to the customer why it’s the best offer addressing site bar questions that your customers might have, making other changes to the rate plans that may be needed to satisfy the customer needs static.

And mostly importantly it’s about anticipating the next issue the customer likely to face on that journey. It could be something as simple as walking the customer to the next ball so that they don’t call back a month later when they get their first bill after the billing plan changed or about explaining to a customer when there order ships and when they expect to deliver. So once again they don’t get anxious and call back about an order or a package not received yet. So, can your bot do that? Not just with expertise but with opinions and use that expertise and use that opinions to drive actions for customers, “Actions that solve problems today and prevent problems tomorrow that would be an exceptional bot”.

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