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What makes a chatbot intelligent

What makes a chatbot intelligent

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Chatbots are actually used for many different reasons, so you may got an chatbot in sales and marketing side just to make an interest in brand, that’s one purpose. The area that Jacada focus is in customer care, for the most part we are taking beyond the chatbot, we are talking about intelligent customer assistant. A replication of good contact center agent that can perform task for you upfront at anytime of the day whether the contact center is closed or not.
So that’s the main difference between just the generic chatbot that made it to be out there to create some buzz. So we are really focusing on the perspective area and the goal is to deflect calls. So when we talk to our clients or contact centers they talk to us about some of their business goals. What they are trying to do is generally reduce the number of contacts that are coming in to the contact centers and allow their live agent to focus on the complex ones or spend more of their time with more human element of the business. That’s required for the business where some of the automated technologies like a chatbot or intelligent customer assistant can actually handle especially a simple transactions quite well in the front end.

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