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What is the Jacada Interact Automation Platform

What is the Jacada Interact Automation Platform

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The Jacada interact platform is a low-code very business friendly platform that enables your company to manage its process flow whether those are customer facing or agent facing, whether they are menu-driven or conversational in nature. So, you can create a chatbot for virtual assistant flow that can be extended to a customer on Facebook Messenger can be extended to an agent on a web chat. As well as a visual IVR or agent guidance flow I will build with in a same platform containing a lot of same integration points to backend systems contain the same logic even all of them place and enables the business users to be maintains this, as the server lying on IT resource to code a lot of these experiences.

The businessperson who is closes to the customer and closes to the agent knows the needs than anyone else now can maintain these flows and build them and the way the customer or agents needs to meet wherever it’s possible. Specifically in terms of the value the interacts adds to a chatbot or customer assistant interactions whenever company actually goes live what the virtual assistance or chatbot they are going to do a ton of learning from day one inevitably there going to be statements the customer make or questions the customers are asking that you never consider when you are doing the implementations, So what that means is imperatives whatever platform a company chooses needs to allow the company to be agile and how they react to those learnings.

So, I would even say that the initial implementation and how quickly it can be delivered is a secondary in my opinion to continues improvement activities that take place down the road. So, all the learnings that you are doing every day with need to add new will be called intents in the industry what the customer need is. So being able to add new intents to the bot being
able to make changes to conversational flows and added some logics. If you are relying on resources to code all of that information in part of the interactions, it can take weeks to react e-learn versus using a drag and drop platform like Jacada’s interact platform such a change can be made in a day or two.

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