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What are the differences between Attended and Unattended automation?

What are the differences between Attended and Unattended automation?

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The difference between attended and unattended automation is mostly where the bot is going to be installed, and how it’s going to interact with the user. With unattended automation more of a back office kind of  Robotic Process Automation RPA is where the bot receives input, does what it needs to do, and returns an output. With an attended automation or front office automation, the bot sits along together with an agent and helps the agent. It either reacts to events that happen on the desktop or it gets requests on the desktop and performs them together with the agent. So basically lowering the effort and mistakes that agents perform on their desktops.

Agents that are working within their workstations, in their environment, and they have different applications that are running, some of those applications can be either fully or partially automated by the Robotic Desktop Automation RDA  component. The idea here is that for example, automated log on to applications, automated customer look up, and things of that nature, we are able to automate these processes, but let the agent continue to work with that same application. So, if you’re looking at a classic property and casualty type environment or finance, you’ll see that agents often have to look up customers in different systems. And really that’s just a very repetitive task and they cannot really do it very well in parallel. So they cannot just search everywhere in one go. They have to search application by application. The RDA piece, what they can do for them, is really automate all these customer search functions, all the applications in parallel, then the agent, once they’re done greeting the customer, collect their information and load them up. That whole process is obviously much quicker and you’re able to see your applications loaded with the customer information in them.

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