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Robotic Process Automation Automates Repeated Tasks

Robotic Process Automation Automates Repeated Tasks

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What is (RPA)Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation is really our ability to take manual tasks, repeated tasks, that either contact in a front or back office agents are handling, and be able to automate those in a way that is number one more efficient, number two less error-prone, and obviously much more scalable.

We are not targeting the back office automation in the same way that other vendors do because we put that technology into use as an enabler for automated agents like chatbots, and visual IVR.

We also use robotic process automation in order to digitally enable processes that we can’t do today, so say for example, you’re looking to implement a self-service use case on your website or on your mobile app, and the required services that are needed to fulfill that request are either unavailable or not even considered for implementation from an API perspective. So you’re really in a situation where you wanna do something, you wanna implement a use case, but you don’t have the back end plumbing and connectivity that you need in order to make that happen in a self-service or digitally enabled fashion. So RPA can come in and really mimic what an agent would have done from a process perspective when handling this type of use case, and then wrap that whole process in a service and expose that out for digital consumers.

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