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What conversational commerce means for enterprise

What conversational commerce means for enterprise

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conversational commerce means for enterprise: Needless to say, Conversational commerce has really taken on, as consumers really found it effortless to just text among each other and we all are getting used to talking to our personal assistants. So, what is this really meant for enterprise?

So clearly, we have seen an apple business chat, WhatsApp offering similar things, Facebook messenger really setting the precedence in this space. You see that chat is becoming more about messaging when we look at that as a channel and many organizations are opening to this idea of asynchronous or ongoing conversations with customers. I think it was Microsoft, in one of their conferences they said that we are really moving away from graphical user experience to more conversational user experience and if we put this in the context in terms of time. It is kind of like the nine days that you are building your website.

There are long ways to go, there are lots of potentials and at the same time, customer experiences has never been more important. So, it’s very much to be seen as a race and when we look at what leading analyst like Gartner are talking about this or how they are advising clients is again is you know, since early do you control pilots where its appropriate and then look to the scale even to the point of not standardizing your technologies stat is too early because if it’s nine days if you are building your website the technology your websites that run on today is not even invented back then. So, it is time to think about this in the context of change management being really open to possibilities and really does everything you can do. so that you can be very nimble and agile and how you experiment with the options that are available to you.

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