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How to Discover the Best RPA Use Cases

How to Discover the Best RPA Use Cases

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Best Attended RPA Use Cases: The best use cases for attended automation are definitely a question I get every discovery, every assessment, every intro call. I think we can flip it back on the client, historically we always thought about uses cases been if it’s unattended in is IT, accounting, HR. If it’s attended automation its contact center, screen pops, and certain use cases. But really I push it back to our prospects and think about little differently, first I will ask to say where is the largest number of people completing in some cases very similar work but in other cases were just a large number of peoples and high volume transactions because robotics if you think about it, it doesn’t care whether you are in finance, whether you are in accounting, whether you are in IT, whether you are in customer service, it just cares about automating a very redundant manual process.

In some cases, we had seen that the fraud group for example, within a bank you may have a fraud contact center, you may have a back-office team that does a fraud deposit exception processing or a wire-fraud exception processing. Three different teams all connected by a common goal to identify and verify whether it’s a fraud or not but each one of those teams at some point in those transactions may have to utilize their applications to go remove fraud block on an account or add a fraud block because of identifying in fact this is a fraud. It’s that one step that the horizontal step that all groups in common that are really good use cases, for example, horizontal automation the ability to find automation across desired groups but leveraging assisted robotics RPA that instances that we can give them the small button that they can click and it can do all that as if it works human. Its processing algorithm extracts it’s not just dealing with any human discussions needed in some transactions. So, it’s really pushing it back to say where are those high-volume transactions regardless of use cases that you can go and think about automating some of those microtasks. So, the kind of agnostic department focused on the high volume high number of people that are performing work.

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