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What are the benefits of automating the Agent Desktop?

What are the benefits of automating the Agent Desktop?

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The ability to reduce handle time and avoid the agent doing these repetitive, mundane tasks, so logging into applications, third-party applications, doing customer search in multiple places, being able to open cases, automatic notes, automatic disposition. All these functions, we’re able to automate for the agent. There’s really no human brainpower that needs to involved, and that is just a repetitive task that involves a bunch of clicks and keyboard strokes. We take anything that is pure keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and we automate it.

You can limit the mistakes that the agent does. By doing things automatically in the same way every time, you’re basically enforcing that things are done the same way. There’s another benefit, which is providing the agents with information as they need it instead of them going and searching for it, so that saves a lot of time.

There’s obviously the reduction in handle time. So if I’m able to take these 15, 20 seconds away from the agent, let him focus on the customer in the meantime, create a more meaningful interaction with the customer while we’re saving them all this time, why not? We can use the desktop automation to monitor agent activity and gain insight into how the agents operate within their workstation environment, within their different applications that they’re using. Finally, doing things the right way, the right process, and reducing time will often mean that the customer on the other end of the line waited less and got a more accurate result.

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