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How to Cut Call Center Agent Onboarding Time in Half

Call Reduction After Going Digital

Call Reduction After Going Digital

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We see companies investing in digital self-service capabilities mobile apps, mobile web pages, obviously webpages, FAQ content on the webpage, NLP’s, chats, and many others. The problem many customers continue to make calls on contact centers. Some try self-service that fails, some are not even trying some just go to the website to look for the phone number and then they make a call. The problem is that the self-service capabilities are provided by different vendors they are siloed there is no connectivity between one to another.

Think of an option to offer all the self-service capabilities of the digital channels under one umbrella this is how you can pivot your caller to the most appropriate self-service option based on where the customer is at, what he is trying to do any other specific elements of that customer can offer him the right self-service option at the right time. If self-service completes fantastic nobody needs to talk to him. When the customer needs to talk to an agent or chat with an agent, which transitions the interaction from self-service to assist the channel with the full context so, the agent is going to know everything the customer already did customer will not be able to repeat any attempt the full context is provided to the agent the call can handle much quicker so the experience of the customer is much better.

One of those solutions will be Visual IVR, it will handle those that are calling contact centers through smartphones and give those callers an option to pivot into a mobile web self-service capability that is specifically to handle call back. They are not going to be requested to download an app, we are not going to send it to a webpage. We are going to make that mobile webpage available to them at the right time give them the option to self-service themselves. And again, if they need to talk to an agent even after attempted self-service, the agent will know everything that they have done on the self-service attempt.

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