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Using RPA for conversational customer self-service

Using RPA for conversational customer self-service

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Once again, when we think about building web services and making capabilities available for self service by enlarge thinking so far has been about looking at taking 80-20 role. And going after the most common things and investing in building API’s, web services and exposing that as digital assets that customers can use.

But now as you begin to look at the long tail, you might find that so far something is cost prohibited to build an API or to exposes a web service and then make available as digital asset. But here you have an ability with conversational assistants to understand to the customer asking about the very specific thing. And now to build the API is going to be expensive. So, what you do? So, this is where you think about using Robotic Process Automation to have a robot to go and make that update instead of the agent going and doing that update manually in the backend system.

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