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Use Cases for Combining AI with RPA

Use Cases for Combining AI with RPA

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RPA is just a piece of the bigger intelligent automation recipe, that involves digital engagement customer, that involves assisting agents with their automation, that involves back office automation as well but those solutions by themselves vertically in an organization only serve to create more silos. So, AI is really helping us to step out of those vertical silos and help to build more connected experiences where we can understand sentiment, understand intent of the customers as they engage with us on more digital channels. And then once AI can make the decision or identify the next best thing to do, while at that point that’s where AI can come together with RPA if in fact you need RPA to now go and update the spirit system that we don’t have API’s. If you have API’s or those services available RPA Robots are not needed. So just to slap those two acronyms together and say, therefore, we are different to push the vendor to understand the use cases.

Lot of the use cases are Artificial Intelligence are used upfront to determine what’s the best next action to do. Next action may be a chance to upsell a customer, may be to change an address, may be to provide certain self-service capabilities like update a dispute or to take the agent through the possible script and to do that dynamically while learning leveraging natural language process. And so, there are all sorts of ways if different things doing in the vendor community but don’t just believe the hype and don’t just accept a set of credentials in front of RPA really lets start having transparency in software with both our prospects and as the vendor community to make sure that we truly understand the use cases for AI, and that we don’t take our customers through another hype cycle and miss a line expectations with reality.

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