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The Limitations of IVR and its Service Experience

The Limitations of IVR and its Service Experience

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So, when I am dealing with IVR all I got is the voice channel and it has its limitations, and let’s face it. Of all the channels where you provide the service rate the IVR service experiences compared to the other touch bots from NPA standpoints. We have seen, even the most well-designed IVR experiences have a lot of room to grow in the area of driving NPS. Now it’s one thing to have a high NPS Score if you are not doing a whole lot of self-service. But the trick here is to really get the self-service utilizations really high and the NPS score is also really up.

And then wonder is there a room to drive self-service. Many clients who are in that space where they have maxed out on self-service utilization, maxed out on the NPS potential there and then you really need to be investing around the IVR. If you think there is room to grow to do two things at the same time the NPS and self-service on the IVR definitely go add it because you got high volume coming in, that makes sense, but if you believe that you maxed out on either one of those levels it’s definitely a great time to look at providing conversational experiences on all the touchpoints that you offer around the IVR as suppose to in the Interactive Voice Response.

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