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The Future of Customer Service is no Service

The Future of Customer Service is no Service

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The future of customer service, is no service. It is said that in a few years’ time, about 85% of all customers relationships, customer interactions will be managed without having to speak to a human. Now we know that Today, we are far away from that future state because many larger organizations take millions of calls from customers every week and every month in their call centers.

These organizations, be they, mobile service providers, or banking financial services organizations, they have invested significantly across the digital spectrum; be it a mobile app, a website, a social engagements option for you on Facebook or Twitter, as well as a chat box. So, they’ve made all these investments, but regardless, calls keep coming in. So, it begs the questions, “What’s going on?” Why do customers still want to talk when they have all these easy to use digital solutions?

Based on all the research, it really comes down to habits. Customers, like individuals, we all have habits. We have preferences. We may want to pick up the phone, to have certain types of interactions. Maybe because we don’t understand the product better, or maybe because that’s just a preference for us.

Regardless, it is really upon the organization to inform and educate this customer about the easy to use, effortless, digital experiences that are available to them. The more you make it accessible to these customers, the more they’re likely to adopt these solutions, and enjoy them. And this is exactly what we’ve seen in our experience of taking solutions to market that really create these sticky digital habits.

We all know that it takes a long time for one habit to be replaced with a new one, but unless you try, it’s not going to happen; and this idea of influencing customer behavior, and helping them form new digital habits, is really pivotal to your journey towards getting to a future state of no service. We all know that the majority of organizations today are competing on customer experience, so there’s really no need to overstate the importance of that pivot in customer behavior.

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