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Learned secrets on digital adoption

Learned secrets on digital adoption

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Today I would like to talk to you about some of our learned secrets in the space of helping our clients drive digital adoption. If you are operating a significant customer operation, where you have a large call center are you fielding in hundreds of thousands of millions of calls every year. Am sure you are also having a significant digital self-service experience that you offer to your customers. So, the question really is not about the availability of self-service options, its really about the utilization of self-service options. Clearly there is concerns that they build it and come does not really get you to the finish line.

Meaning, there is some percentage of customers who actively seek digital self-service tools and that is great. However there are a vast segment of your customer base, its not that they are offline from a digital standpoint and they are very actively using digital tools they will be on Facebook and Instagram all the time, but when they need a assistance for some reason they just tent to pick a phone and call. So, these are customers to made to be aware that there are easier digital options available and there are different ways to do this.

Think about an insurance company or a telecommunication service provider that you must contact in the last year, you do not have a very frequent need to talk to these companies. So, naturally when you need help, you might tend to pick up phone and call. So, there is definitely a opportunity to reach out to a customer need, proactively before they need assistance are right at the time when they come to find a phone number, engaging them right there and giving them the easier option to experience the self-service option, can also drive more adoption. So, it’s really about looking at who the customer is, and what is your propensity to use a digital tool and meeting them where they are.

Increasingly, we are seeing customers or clients move away from builded and they will come strategy to meeting them where they are strategy, which really means that you got to pay lot of attentions to what the customer did before they placed that phone call because some customer may come to the website just to find your phone number and call and some customers on the other hand spend 10-15 mins on the website before they call. And when they take the customer who spend those 15 mins on the websites they come into your IVR and they have to start over all the way from scratch, which is the state of the frustration for the most part and you are not really encouraging that customer to use the website next time around. So that’s  something to keep in mind and leave alone what happens once they get to the agent, what extent your agents or associates understand the customer’s digital journey before they ask them who are you and what you want?

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