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10 Ways to Cut Contact Center Agent Onboarding Time In Half

Investing in or around the voice channel

Investing in or around the voice channel

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Where do you run these pilots and with what technology do you run these pilots? There is also the consideration that there is a lot of voice-first experiences that are taking off, you feel comfortable talking to Alexa, you feel comfortable talking to your google assistant. So, what is that mean to IVR clearly today when you look at all the customer interactions you are taking on IVR on your voice channel is a pretty significant gateway. So, should you be investing in conversational IVR, we have a very specific viewpoint on this, and it is that you should invest around the voice channel not necessarily invest in it, Why?

Because the voice channel has some significant limitations. There is one thing that I need to ask Alexa, what is the weather this morning? And there is something else for me to ask Alexa, show me the explanations of benefits and how much more deductible I have left in my health insurance plan. Now I can absolutely ask Alexa these questions and Alexa can respond to me, but as you get deeper into this it may not help if ask something else as we are going through this easy conversational experience.

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