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How do you scale AI for the customer experience

How do you scale AI for the customer experience

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So you have the AI and you could take the best of breed AI approach and provide a richer experience than what’s available today.
Can you really scale it? because we talked about pilots, Let’s say you run this pilot but what is it would look like on day two and that’s really important. Because given your call volumes and interaction volumes and given that we are indeed going after the long tail which is very worried which means you need to get very granular.

So you may be looking at building out a customer assistant that takes in hundreds of intents and they are able to provide a personalized experience for hundreds of intents, if not thousands. And for each of these intents, I might need to go integrate the back end systems and provide a personalized response.

Depending on which touch points they are delivering this experience it may require rich user experiences and might have to consult all the knowledge response to pull some of the right content. Not sure the long content will show them the micro content that benefit them at that point of time. So there is number of complexity in the back end it terms of how the bot is able to respond to the question. While the leading AI can help you to understand the intent, there’s lots more than that needs to happen in really giving you the response that satisfies you as a consumer.

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