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How Can a Call Center Utilize an Agent Assist

How Can a Call Center Utilize an Agent Assist

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How can a call center agent utilize a chatbot?
So how would the contact center themselves use the chatbot to help them to do their jobs better? Actually, quite similar to how in customer would interact with the chatbot is the same for the agents. They can simply type in their questions to get their answers, this works quite well where the conversation goes off-script. A lot of agents used agent guidance flows or scripting to make sure that they take the customers to the right flow.

As they are walking through an interaction, sometimes customers would ask sidebar questions that do not go along with scripts. So, these are perfect instances where natural languages come into play, the agent instead of maybe having to navigate two, three screens and a couple of different systems to look up the information or may, they don’t even know where to go. They can ask a conversational agent assistance on their side to get their information they need to provide the customer without getting off-track and have not spent a lot of time. People looking up the information of calling the supervisor to get an answer.

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