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Customer Surveys regarding RPA

Customer Surveys regarding RPA

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So, if you take look at the customer surveys over last six to seven, months that have been focused on RPA adoption and scale. Its really been a three that come back, one from IFS, one from HFS and Capgemini and one from Deloitte. All three of those conclusions or surveys really come back with a really interesting statistics that basically says, although there is a hype in the marketplace there are many adapters.

But what’s fascinating is that over three quarters of the respondents in all of those surveys basically said that they only been able to deploy anywhere from 10 robots to 50 robots in their first to two to three years. Although, the excitement is spread Robotic Process Automation RPA into these organizations. I think we really seen a challenge in the same organization to take this technology and make a truly enterprise RPA solution.

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