Webinar Replay: Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

How to Cut Call Center Agent Onboarding Time in Half

Attended RPA for the contact center

Attended RPA for the contact center

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If you think about Contact Center Automation, the same principles applies, you got the folks at the contact center that are answering phone calls, you got some on chats, you got some on emails and the next five channels that come in to the contact center in over next couple of years, again don’t think that those are soiled groups from an Robotic Process Automation(RPA’s) perspective assisted you want to look for the opportunities to again to find the cores of an automation, how do I grab the CTI screen pop, pull for the account number, navigate to the four or five applications that they need to service the customer and pull forward the relevant context about that customer.
All the way down to leveraging robots to automate the after-call work so, call these position you can train robots to take notes as the agents are working through applications so that’s excellent intro use cases well. Again, not thinking about automating everything, just automating those small pieces when do these across thousands of users you do not have to find the big nuggets of low-hanging fruit. Each one of those small nuggets can drive 5% to 10% savings. If you add three or four of them up over in a twelve-week period where you were continuing to develop iterative robots and pushing over the organizations.

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