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A key aspect of driving true digital adoption

A key aspect of driving true digital adoption

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Another key aspect of driving true digital adoption is ability to which able to understand the customers intent. There are scenarios where you can anticipate their intent simply based on where they are in the journey or where they may be in the broader customer life cycle. But more importantly it is important to recognize that you may not be recognized to anticipate their intent every time. So at least be able to understand an expressed intent that they may have. So, what I mean by that is, so, they come to the website, lot of time what happens is I did get a high bill, and I want to understand why I got a high bill. Once I understand perhaps, I make a payment or maybe I want to dispute some prospects of the bill.

And I want either an explanation or resolutions around the dispute management. And it’s hard to anticipate every single reason my bill may go up and explain to that or provide an option for the customer to dispute every aspect of your bill or it may not be the most commercial responsible thing to do either. But none the last we work with clients across industry is billing is a significant intent when it comes to context of the size of call center operations. Its easily 20-25% of large call center operations, so, it’s a big area that you can focus on if you are thinking to drive a digital adoption.

And it’s also important to recognize that when we look to drive digital adoption you already taken care of the basics of self-service capabilities that are available in the IVR, like making a payment, understanding the billing balance and things like that which is also available on your website.
And when we look at really the interactions that come into the call center that your agents are handling are really long tail scenario. So, there is lot variability, any self-service solutions going forward need to intrepidly understand the long tail. And its need to cadet to the long tail, so that you can see significant growth in the amount of self-service utilization.

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