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agent and managerRunning an agile customer operation and delivering an effortless experience is harder than ever. You live in a space where there are plenty of challenges and even more shiny objects. The clarity with which you understand the landscape is critical, and here’s our bit to help.

They say “Don’t fix what’s not broken.” So, let’s start by exploring where your customers and customer service employees get stuck.

This section is organized in two parts. The first part discusses blockers that impede self-service initiatives, and the second part explores the nature of interactions handled in the contact center, both with an eye for automating and streamlining customer interactions.

7 CX Challenges That Derail Self-Service Initiatives

According to Gartner, here are the reasons why customers abandon self-service.

Customers are very wary of putting in their time and effort into a self-service experience if they sense that they will need to speak to a human anyways to get the help they need.

You are better off recognizing that early on, so that your self-service initiatives are gear towards not only delivering more digital capabilities, but also driving the adoption of such digital capabilities.

There are a number of ways in which AI can help you understand what customers really need and personalize a more engaging experience in real-time. That’s how digital customer service adoption can help your bottom line by cutting cost to serve, as well as boost your top line by driving customer loyalty through effortless customer experiences.

Why Customers Abandon Self-Service

Why do your customers switch from self-service to live agent support?
  • 25% Request was too complex for self-service
  • 25% Couldn’t find information in self-service
  • 14% Self-service channel had limited functionality
  • 10% Instructed to call an agent
  • 10% Wasn’t confident in information found through self-service
  • 10% Wanted to negotiate a different outcome with an agent
  • 6% Only looking for customer service phone number

CX Challenges Contact Centers Should Overcome to Support Customers

Here is another way to look at the same problem. Gartner analyzed assisted service interactions and identified 6 distinct ways in which agents help customers today.

When you categorize the types of interactions you handle in your contact center into one of these categories, you can also find ways to prevent some of those interactions through proactive customer service, automate some of them through more personalized and effective self-service and streamline the rest within the contact center. 

How Agents Support Your Customers

What kind of interactions do your agents handle in the contact center?
  • 13% Transact | Transact and Solve Simple Problems
  • 19% Confirm | Confirm and Provide Quick Answers
  • 49% Discuss | Discuss and Solve Complex Problems
  • 10% Negotiate a Workaround | Negotiate a Workaround
  • 5% Validate | Validate and Educate the Customer
  • 4% Vent | Listen to the Customer Vent
In the next section, we feature customer case studies that explain how our clients have leverages AI and RPA to overcome each of these 13 pitfalls that are likely to challenge every transformation initiative in the modern contact center today.
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How to Overcome the 7 Reasons Your Customers Abandon Self-Service

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