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The Ultimate Playbook for Contact Center Automation

What are the Benefits of Contact Center Automation

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Nail the ROI of AI and RPA Powered CX

Automate Interactions Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

We hope that the customer case studies inspire you to leverage automation and AI to make every experience a great experience. It’s not a question of whether you should leverage AI to improve your customer experience. It’s a question of how to apply it successfully to deliver great CX. So, when it comes to building the business case and assessing the benefits of contact center automation, let your imagination run wild and jot down various use cases and journeys you could automate and streamline across the entire customer lifecycle.

Acquire & Onboard
Billing & Payments
Trust & Security
Account Management
Disputes & Claims
Order Management
Tech Support

Benefits of Contact Center Automation

You can build the business case for using AI and automating your customer operation by considering ways to optimize the key performance indicators you track already. Here is a list of the most popular KPIs that will help you build a robust business case for contact center automation.


Boost Self-Service
Boost First Contact Resolution
Boost Sales and Protect Revenue
Reduce Average Handling Time
Reduce Employee Training Time
Reduce Employee Attrition
Reduce Customer Effort
Improve Net Promoter Score
Digital Adoption

Find out the ROI of AI and RPA for Your Contact Center

(in 5 Minutes)

Reimagining your customer experience and contact center operations is one thing. Making a dream come true is something else entirely. To help you on your journey, we have put together an interactive playbook and ROI calculator.

Check it out, answer few questions and in less than 5 minutes, find out which automation plays offer the most bang for buck for you and how you should go about automating your contact center #likeaboss.

What is the ROI of Contact Center Automation?

We have included sample inputs and outputs in this section, and hope that you find the example useful as you play with our online calculator. The model uses levers or automation plays discussed in the previous section. The savings estimates are based on Gartner’s research and Jacada’s experience of delivering results. If you have a question or comment, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

step 1

Results You Can Count On

We appreciate you taking the time to explore our ROI calculator. Before you get started, we’d like to assure you that this is not just an ROI calculator for us. For most if not all of our client engagements, this ROI calculator and its outputs guide our consulting team to develop an value-driven automation roadmap that we can execute on as a joint team.
Here is just a sampling of the kind of results our clients have realized with out automation software. Certainly, as we’ve pointed out so far, the technology is only part of the solution. Our clients have been successful because they have approached their CX initiatives with a data-driven mindset using our goals-driven engagement model. So, let’s crack open this ROI calculator and get started on a similar journey.
Reduction in
Customer Effort
Improvement in
Self-Service Rates
Reduction in
Agent Onboarding Time
Reduction in
Error Rate
Reduction in
Average Handle Time
Improvement in
First Contact Resolution
Dedication to your
CX Success

What is the ROI of Contact Center Automation?

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