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Boost Contact Center Productivity with a Unified Agent Desktop

What Is Jacada Workspace

Most contact centers are dealing with increasingly complex customer interactions these days. To make matters worse, the desktop tools,  which customer service representatives use to serve customers across various channels, continue to be disconnected. 

A Unified Agent Desktop is purpose-built to provide an improved customer service experience by streamlining the agents’ interactions with a large number of systems, and their interactions with customers across multiple channels. 

Why consider a Unified Agent Desktop

The Agent Desktop allows you to model processes that optimally serve the customer, instead of driving the customer experience unnaturally by forcing existing application behavior and complexity on the agent. With the Agent Desktop, your existing applications are interwoven into new customer friendly processes and enabled by tools that empower your agents.


Reduce complexity by unifying numerous applications into a single agent workspace


Let your customers communicate on their channels of choice without increasing the complexity of service

Data Entry

Eliminate the need for copy-paste or re-typing data – Reduce After Call Work (ACW) and Average Handle Time (AHT)

Quality Customer

Allow your agent to focus on the customer rather than the complexity of having to deal with numerous applications 

agent desktop benefits

You need Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop if:

  • The back-office applications on your agent desktop are not designed to deliver an optimal customer experience
  • You want agents to focus on quality customer experience instead of dealing with underlying application complexity.
  • Your agents struggle with numerous cumbersome applications.
  • Your agents have to re-type data during a call.
  • Your customers experience long Average Handle Times (AHT).
  • You are challenged to decrease cost and time for training
  • You want to reduce After Call Work (ACW).
  • You are attempting to increase sales and revenue

The ability to create new customer friendly processes from existing applications, and to unify knowledge bases and communication channels, makes Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop™ the logical tool for every business struggling to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Take a quick tour of the new industry standard:

The Benefits for your Business

Our clients who implement an agent desktop typically reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) by 20% – 30%, increase First Call Resolution (FCR), increase sales revenue, and raise overall customer satisfaction. We like to think of this as solving the “three E’s”: Efficiency (cost reduction), Effectiveness (productivity increase) and Experience (increased loyalty).

aht saved bar graph

Our customers also reduce training time and costs by 50%, all with a quick set-up. The training investment is significantly reduced thanks to the easy-to-use and intuitive Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop™ interface, which gives agents less to learn, less to remember and more time to give superior customer experience.

training time savings bar graph

And best of all, this is accomplished with a typical ROI of less than 12 months!


Benefits of Customer Experience

  1. Any customer interaction can be split into these three major segments:
    • Know Me: The start of the interaction is about quickly identifying the customer, finding relevant information and demonstrating that you know them.
    • Help Me: The middle bit is the actual process, the journey, what the customers wants to do or need help with.
    • Remember Me: The last part (Wrap-Up & After Call Work) is about ensuring that actions are executed, completing any downstream processes and hand offs and recording appropriate information for business management.

Completing these three parts of a customer interaction can be quite complex but from a customer’s perspective, it’s quite simple. All they want is for you to quickly and effectively “Know me”; “Help me” and make sure you “Remember me”. A unified agent desktop streamlines this experience for the customer and the agent regardless of contact type and agent skill level, thereby enabling multi-skilled and universal advisors

training time savings bar graph

Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop is a Presentation Layer tailored specifically to the unique demands of a call center. This presentation layer, optimized for your agent workflow, can connect to both back-end data sources as well as to the applications residing on the desktop.

The Agent Desktop supports almost any API, including Web Services, REST, XML, JSON, RMI, and JDBC. The Agent Desktop leverages existing investments in your SOA or ESB, by seamlessly integrating to and reusing the services currently exposed. Where older “legacy”, or more proprietary applications exists that have no API or integration methods, we are able to surface select functionality through our unique Jacada Integration and Automation technology, ensuring you can fully use your existing application.

Agents continue to have access to frequently used applications, as these will reside side-by-side with the Agent Desktop.

The end result is a seamless blend of existing application functionality orchestrated in a process optimized for a call, all within a highly flexible presentation layer. The presentation layer additionally supplements the integrated applications through providing a host of call center tools and features, developed as a result of our deep experience in the industry.

Streamlined Customer View

With Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop™, agents get a full customer profile instantly, drawing on data from multiple sources in real-time. This customer dashboard is easily configured and can dynamically adapt based on a number of criteria including the call type and agent role, ensuring the most relevant customer information is displayed at the right time.

 streamlined customer view

Dynamic Views

Our state of the art Dynamic Views allows for the rapid assembly of presentation layers, all in a drag-and-drop, no-coding manner. Best of all, views can be created rapidly and in real-time, including new dashboards, filters and display options, all without requiring a server restart. This means no downtime, allowing your agents to continue taking calls!

Dynamic Views brings presentation mash-ups to a new level of sophistication, clearly separating the roles of Business and IT. The IT group will create ‘widgets’ that encapsulate a back end data source, such as to your CRM system. The Business is then free to use multiple data sources in a flexible manner that allows them the freedom to build sophisticated dashboards.

Jacada Case Management and Workflow for WorkSpace

Call center agents are tasked with not only the real-time demands of helping the caller, but are increasingly being tasked as knowledge workers: Creating and managing traditional back-office tasks, following up on tasks, or handing tasks to other departments in the organization.

With Jacada WorkFlow and Case Management, you can easily combine human tasks with system tasks. The sophisticated case management capabilities ensure that tasks are not dropped, and that full continuity between the back office and the front office is achieved. Never let a customer inquiry fall between the cracks again!

Users have access to a case management console allowing them to log in and see and react to their task assignments. Seamlessy integrated into their WorkSpace, users can accept and work on tasks, reassign tasks and create tasks.

Jacada Workspace 58

Using an intuitive visual designer, processes are mapped out quickly and easily. In fact, the entire workflow development cycle happens in a single package, from modeling your process, simulating its behavior, creating unit tests to versioning and deployment. Now you can respond rapidly to changing business requirements by seamlessly integrating people, processes and systems, all the while ensuring a robust and easily maintainable system.

Its powerful case management capabilities helps your agents hand-off customer inquiries to the back office and ensures that your customers are responded to when their issue has been resolved.

Jacada Case Management fully supports BPEL4People and WS-Human Task standards. Read more about Jacada Case Management and WorkFlow here.

Telephony Integration

Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop™ offers built-in telephony integration to major vendors, such as Genesys, Cisco and Avaya.

“Screen pop” ensures that agents are alerted to incoming calls. When the call is answered, the agent desktop is able to pre-fetch customer information by utilizing data in the CTI or IVR system (e.g. Account number), freeing the agent from performing manual and time consuming customer searches.

The Agent Desktop includes a full “soft phone” for call control, allowing for easy conferencing and collaboration. The soft phone displays all the important call timers (AHT, ACW and more), serving as a personal KPI dashboard, along with conveniently placed phone operation functions. Multiple Transfer types are supported (Cold, Warm and Consultative/Handshake), and transfer lists or phone books are configurable and can change based on agent role.

telephony integration

Agents can automatically transfer desktop data along with the call to prevent requesting information from the customer again, and to pre-populate the receiving agent’s desktop with all the relevant customer data. This provides a seamless customer experience and ensures that customers only need to give their information once when they call your company, if they are transferred.

Automated Agent Disposition

Call centers want an accurate footprint detailing the precise interaction history to assist the next agent who may serve the customer. Today however, there are many inconsistencies from agent to agent on the level of detail that is actually recorded, ranging from them writing small novels, to putting notes in their own shorthand. Writing these notes takes time, writing inaccurate notes wastes time.

Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop™ solves this problem by being “context aware” during the call, interpreting an agent’s actions and automatically collecting disposition codes. When the call is completed, disposition information is saved automatically.

By automating agent disposition, our customers achieve between 10 and 30 seconds average handle time (AHT) reduction. As an added benefit, the disposition codes are consistent and searchable, allowing for more sophisticated reporting.

Multi-Channel Support

Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop provides support for handling voice, documents, faxes and email, all within a single environment. What’s more, support for multiple concurrent customer views is provided, allowing an agent to service one customer on a voice call, while servicing another customer via email.

The agent desktop layout will adapt to most optimally solve the task at hand based on the type of channel being utilized. For example, the functionality required to serve a voice call is typically different than what is required to effectively respond to email.

Documents such as Faxes can be viewed inside the agent desktop, and a powerful templating system generates preconfigured email responses, merging them with customer information.

By providing seamless switching between multiple channels, agents are able to be more effectively utilized.

 multi channel support

In addition to the traditional channels of contact center management, Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop is ready to leverage the newer forms of contact that include blogs, forums and other social media such as Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. As your organization adopts newer forms of channels, Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop is the ideal place to bring them together for a seamless customer experience.

Unified Knowledge Management

Today’s complex environments require agents to search multiple knowledge silos in order to resolve a customer issue. Using our unified knowledge management capability, agents can search all knowledge repositories with a single query, and have results delivered based on overall relevance, increasing ease and speed of answering customer questions.

Our built-in indexing mechanism will mine your existing knowledge stores, with support for most common document types, allowing for quick information retrieval.

Investments in existing and/or new knowledgebases are preserved through our ability to integrate with external knowledgebase systems.

unified knowledge management

The Help on Hand feature proactively searches knowledge repositories based on the agents current actions, automatically retrieving the most relevant articles that may assist the agent in their current task.

Automated Logon and Password Manager

Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop™ automatically and seamlessly logs an agent on to all the underlying applications (“Single Sign-on”). Without an agent desktop, it is not uncommon to see agents logging into multiple applications a number of times during the day. Along with multiple login requirements are the inevitable “lost password” situations and session timeouts causing further delay and frustration, usually resulting in a large number of password reset requests to a company’s IT helpdesk.

Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop includes a Secure Password Manager where agents can maintain their list of applications along with user ID’s and password allowing the agent to log in once to the desktop. Once authenticated, all the logins to the subsequent applications are automated.

 automated logon password

Some of our customers estimate that by simply automating the login process, they are saving close to one million dollars a year in wasted time.

Unified Application Management

In environments where access to one or two primary applications (eg, CRM system) is still needed, the Agent Desktop allows embedding or ‘Nesting’ the application in a tabbed environment. These applications are still accessible, in an organized manner. Data and context can be shared between nested applications to drive a nested application to the right place and pre fill relevant data fields without agent key strokes, saving time and eliminating data entry errors.

For example, updating an address may require updates to multiple back-end systems through multiple client applications. By automating this process, the agent is only concerned with updating the address once, and allowing the Agent Desktop to take care of updating all systems of record.

Nesting also provides an iterative approach to a full Agent Desktop. Start off with simplifying one or two major processes and nest the remaining applications. Over time, your Agent Desktop can become more comprehensive and fewer applications need be nested.


Contact centers need to respond rapidly to changing business needs and quickly retool interactions for the customer service agents. Traditionally, creating and managing the interaction has involved complex and lengthy IT development cycles, preventing the business from adapting to customer needs in real time. And more often than not, the changes are minor such as adjusting pricing, updating offers and improving best practices. This is something that a contact center manager or business analyst should be able to do quickly and as often as the business requires.

The Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop provides a friendly graphical development environment in which interactions are easily assembled, self-documented, versioned and once approved, published to the agent in time for the next call. Business analysts can even invoke business transactions that are built, approved and published by the IT function.

 scripting root cause

Agent Chat

Chat allows agents to communicate with their supervisor and optionally, with other agents such as specific subject matter experts, all within a controlled and auditable environment. The need for “floor walkers” to support groups of agents can be reduced or eliminated and agents can rapidly reach out for help, saving customer wait, or hold time on a call.

All chats can optionally be audited, perfect for environments that have strong regulatory or compliance requirements.

Chat is based on the open standard XMPP protocol and can integrate with your existing communications server.

Providing a sophisticated real-time communication vehicle ensures that your agents have efficient access to Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and help increase First Call Resolution (FCR).

 agent chat

Agent Task Management

It is essential to “do what you say you will do” to engender trust with a customer. Many call centers have a myriad of different ways that individual agents use to remind themselves to follow up on commitments they have made. As good as they may be at doing this, what happens if they suddenly fall ill?

A built in task manager lets an agent schedule follow-up tasks by due date, ensuring that customers receive a callback, forms are sent and promised actions are followed up on. Each task can contain optional customer information, conveniently attached to the task.

Full escalation capabilities are provided ensuring that tasks never fall between the cracks. In addition, the Task Manager can be controlled through its extensive API allowing tasks to be automatically added (or reassigned) based on actions occurring within the Agent Desktop.

Supervisors receive an enhanced task view allowing them to manage all their agent tasks, including assignment and reassignment, and being alerted to overdue tasks. Supervisors can easily assign a task to their entire team.

 agent tasks

Billing History

In an effort to reduce handle time for calls related to bill inquiries, the billing history view displays a history of actual bill amounts, allowing anomalies to be quickly identified. Drill down analysis can then be performed on these bills, including side by side analysis of bills from different periods.

Many of our customer implementations extend this capability to include sophisticated analysis to determine reasons for the billing amount fluctuations, reducing the investigative work required by the agent.

billing history

Cross Sell/Up Sell

Configurable rules allow the Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop™ to alert the agent to recommended cross sell and upsell opportunities, by leveraging comprehensive customer information in the decision process. As a result, sales revenue is increased in a consistent and systematic way, rather than relying on the agents discretion in making offers.

 cross sell up sell

Customer Interaction Timeline

The Customer Interaction Timelines enables your agent to see an immediate snapshot of the interaction history between your organization and your customer. The interaction history can span beyond the call center, and can include external events such as in-store visits and written correspondence.

Seeing the interaction history and allowing the agent to conveniently scroll back through time will often allow the agent to understand the reason for the call and how best to resolve the situation. An interaction timeline is crucial in handling calls that failed First Call Resolution.

 collection cycle

Smart Customer Search

In the event that customer information is not retrievable from the CTI system, CSRs can use any identifiable information to locate customer data quickly with our unique “free text” search. Instead of requiring multiple search options to be specified (eg, by Account number, by Zip code, by Telephone number), Customer Search will automatically determine the key to use when searching for a customer, by utilizing a set of configurable pattern matching rules. In the event of non deterministic search criteria, the agent will be automatically prompted for clarification. In addition, power agents will enjoy the use of short cut codes that force searching on specific key attributes.

 smart customer search

Agent Messaging

Comprehensive messaging capabilities allow messages to be broadcast to your agent base (or group of agents). Supervisors have access to the Message Center, allowing them to create messages for publication, either immediately or for a future scheduled delivery date.

Unread messages are displayed at the start of an Agent shift, and can optionally require agent acknowledgment of these messages, ensuring that they are read. During a shift, messages are conveniently displayed in a scrolling ticker tape. Messages can be assigned priorities, affecting the frequency with which they are displayed.

Externally provided information, such as call center statistics, can be included through our support for open standard RSS feeds.

 agent messaging stats

Roles and Privileges

Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop provides a pervasive and comprehensive Roles and Privileges mechanism that allows for a very fine grained approach to controlling access to, and behavior of, the features and functionality in the product.

Roles can be defined administratively at runtime and each Role allows for a flexible grouping of Privileges. Thus, for example, a junior agent may receive more prompts and guidance then a senior agent. Or, agents in one group will not have access to applications used solely by another group. You have full freedom to define the Roles to meet your business needs.

 roles and privileges

Easy Audits and Process Analysis

Monitor the customer service process and agent interaction with Workspace’s built-in auditing mechanism. This will ensure you meet all compliance or regulatory requirements, can optimize your call flows and ensure you are meeting customer service experience levels.

Audits are maintained at the action, (e.g. Changed a field value), process (Changed the customer address) and interaction level (What was performed during the entire call) allowing for maximum flexibility and reporting capability.

Over 30 predefined audit points are provided out-of-the-box, and include shift start and end logging, tracking time spent in underlying applications, and CTI status changes such as start and end of a call transfer. The auditing framework is fully extendible and customized audit points can be easily added.

 easy audits and process

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