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Almost every business recognizes the importance of customer experience, but very few receive high NPS ratings from their customers.
Only 5.7% of AI and Robotics users say that their customers rate their CX highly on the NPS scale. Overall, only 12.1% of businesses receive high NPS ratings though 81.9% recognize CX as a differentiator.

| 2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmark

As customer expectations escalate year over year and as more complex interactions queue up at the contact center, customer operations leaders need all the help they can get from the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. That said, customer experience leaders need to be wary of hammers looking for nails, especially given the AI Promise – CX Performance Gap illustrated by this finding from NTT’s 2020 Global CX Benchmark.

That’s why we’ve penned our own manifesto to use automation and AI with the primary goal of assisting your tired customers and stressed-out customer service employees.

8 Ways To Automate Customer Experience Using AI & RPA

automated customer service manifesto
In this guide, we’ll share ways in which you can make automation amazing for your customers and your business by attacking complexity wherever it hides in your customer operation and assisting your customers and customer service workforce during moments that matter.
“We chose to work with the team at Jacada because they are the experts in solving complex customer service issues and because they've proven that they understand the specific business challenges we face.”

| Allison Garretson, Senior Vice President of Operations & Customer Experience, The General

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